Lady Bower Kitchen, Reservoir

MELBOURNE | Lady Bower Kitchen Reservoir is a cafe in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs with a focus on fresh, seasonal produce and simple dishes that allow the ingredients to shine. The menu is relatively small, with a variety of all day breakfast dishes, sandwiches and drinks on offer.

It’s a simple space, with an assortment of knick knacks that lend the cafe a bit of a UK vibe without being over the top or kitsch. In fact, Lady Bower wouldn’t be out of place in my old London neighbourhood of Fulham. Think more “Emma Bridgewater” and less “Union Jack”.

lady bower kitchen review reservoir

There’s a real “local” vibe about the place, and it’s very family friendly – there were no shortage of children (there’s even a small kids section on the menu, complete with colourful plastic cups).

Lady Bower Kitchen has built up a bit of a reputation for its preserves, which are made on site using whatever fresh ingredients are available at the time. I didn’t eat any of them however they looked and smelled divine.

lady bower kitchen review reservoir

Coffee ($3.00 black / $3.50 with milk)

The house blend comes from Five Senses and is a mild, quality drop as would be expected given the source. I like the simplicity of the pricing options (all types of black and white coffee are available, they just aren’t listed individually. The less clutter on a menu the better I say.

lady bower kitchen review reservoir

Lamington Milkshake ($4.50)

The lamington milkshake was really tasty. It was light and frothy and tasted just like a lamington.

lady bower kitchen review reservoir

Vanilla Rice Pudding With Banana & Caramel ($8.50)

I was really impressed with the rice pudding. It was really creamy without being heavy and the simple combination of banana and caramel really hit the spot.

lady bower kitchen review reservoir

Rosemary Mushrooms, Pate, Brioche, Truffle Oil, Poached Eggs, Lettuce ($18.00)

This dish was another winner. The eggs were perfectly poached and all of the other ingredients were present in just the right proportions. The rosemary added a nice infusion to the mushrooms. It was one of those dishes where you could eat everything together, individually or in different combinations and each time it worked.

lady bower kitchen review reservoir

I was really impressed with my breakfast at Lady Bower Kitchen. The vibe is really chilled out, the food is great, service is friendly and everything is keenly priced. Despite the menu being small, there were several other things that my wife and I wanted to try and we’ll be back again for sure. With summer approaching, I look forward to seeing what new items appear on the menu as well and will be keen to try some of the summer preserves.

lady bower kitchen review reservoir

Lady Bower Kitchen

1A Marchant Avenue
Victoria 3073

Telephone: (03) 9469 5851
Email:             [email protected]

Tue – Sun: 8:00am to 4:00pm

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