Love Thy Neighbour, Northbridge

Sticking with the recent Perth themed updates here at The City Lane is a review of Love Thy Neighbour, a hidden gem of a cafe in Northbridge. Head to the end of the arcade at 119 William Street and you’ll find it. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

The fit out is very simple with lots of wood and earthy materials.  The inside is quite small, however there is additional seating both in the arcade and outside.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

You can order your coffee and food from the outside if you like.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

Thankfully the sugar was not poisonous!  The addition of mint to the water wasn’t really necessary in my opinion as you couldn’t taste it.  Perhaps a bit of muddling would help to release the flavours.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

The coffee beans are from Sydney’s “Single Origin Roasters”.  There’s a house blend, plus two rotating single origins on offer.

“Short Macchiato” ($3.00)

The coffee was really tasty and smooth, as would be expected given the quality of beans and equipment.  If you want a regular milky coffee you’re looking at $3.80, which is not bad for Perth.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

There is a small range of breakfast and lunch options available, as well as an assortment of muffins and cakes.  The menu is partially rotating, so there is always something different on offer – the focus is on simple, fresh ingredients.  The owners (who also own the small bar Ezra Pound next door) were influenced by cafes in New York City and some of the offerings certainly reflect this.

“Salmon Bagel” Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion and dill ($8.50)

My brother got the salmon bagel.  He enjoyed it, and it certainly looked delicious.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

“Jerk Chicken Sandwich” Rye breaad with jerk chicken, tomato, avocado and homemade mayo ($10.00)

My cousin’s sandwich was really packed full of ingredients.  He had ordered it a week or so prior and enjoyed it so got it again.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

“NYC Rueben Sandwich” Rye breaad with corned beef, pickled cabbage, Swiss cheese, pickles, Russian dressing ($10.00)

The Rueben was very large and I actually couldn’t finish it even though I was very hungry before I started.  There’s a lot of cheese, but it worked well in balance with the other flavours.  I really enjoyed it.  The pickled cabbage was very much in the vein of sauerkraut.

Love Thy Neighbour Perth

Good food, good coffee, a chilled out vibe and friendly service make Love Thy Neighbour a well worth considering if you want to relax and are in the mood for a coffee and cake or some breakfast or lunch.  The fact that the prices are decent for generally expensive Perth is also a definite plus.

Love Thy Neighbour

7/189 William Street
Perth 6003

Telephone:   (08) 9227 6820
Email:            n/a

Mon – Fri:     7:00am to 4:00pm
Sat:                7:30am to 3:00pm

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