Meet Our Newest Contributors

The City Lane is committed to bringing you great content and we only bring on new contributors when we are sure that they’ll be able to add something special to the team. Today we want to introduce you to our newest contributors Fiona and Mike, who I’m sure you’ll agree once you start reading their content, are very much in tune with what The City Lane is all about. Here’s a little bit about each of them.

Fiona Allen (Contributor, Geelong)

fiona profileFiona has travelled and lived throughout Australia and fair bit of the world, so it came as quite a surprise to many that she decided to settle in Geelong. A major draw card for her was the natural beauty of the Surf Coast region, and the exciting growth of small businesses having a go in a city once so heavily reliant on industry.

Fiona enjoys exploring both the old and the new that Geelong has to offer. In her spare time she tries not to take life to serious or get into trouble, although she struggles with the latter.


Mike Edgar (Contributor, Melbourne)

mikeedgarprofileMike loves to convey his stories through two great passions, street photography and cycling. These passions stoke Mike’s creativity and provide him with a unique insight into his quest to explore new cultures and communities through food travel and music. Mike often sees the world through his lens, and as well as expressing himself here he can be found working on his solo project, Lunchbox Pictures.

You will always find Mike quietly chasing the city vibe with an espresso, craft beer or vino in his hand He adores food and fitness and he loves sharing his stories and adventures with you.



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