Has Melbourne Reached Peak Burger?



peak melbourne burgers


OPINION | Do ever get the feeling that if you were to step out your door on any given day, anywhere in Melbourne, you would likely run into a burger joint? Well if you do, we get the feeling you’re not alone.

But please don’t get us wrong, there are few words that describe how much we at the City Lane love burgers. And we love that the revolution seems to be happening right here on our doorsteps. And we love the fun and the innovation and the inspiration that is fuelling this amazing food revolution. But here’s the thing, we’re also worried that it won’t last.

We mean, how many places can Melbourne really sustain? And not just any places, great places. Because despite Melbourne’s almost insatiable appetite for burgers of all shapes and sizes, sooner or later we are going to be staring at a joyously burger-filled, but largely saturated market. A choice between a thousand burgers that are all great, but end up forcing us to choose our sides (pun intended). In a sea of plenty, favouritism is transient and short lived if it exists at all, and sadly, the bubble has to burst.

Now, we’re not saying in any way that this is something we want, and this is not a veiled attempt to thin the burger herd to so we can instead offer you some sort of City Lane burger joint we’re conjuring. Instead, knowing that once we reach peak-burger, economic natural selection will begin to take our choices away, we encourage every last Melbournian to right now take advantage of the burger-plenty world we inhabit.

To paraphrase the late Warren Zevon, enjoy every burger*. There’s a chance you might not see it again.

* He actually said ‘Enjoy every sandwich.’ He was dying of cancer at the time and this was his way of confronting mortality. But we think, were he alive, he would get a kick out of seeing his saying coopted to burgers.



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