Mezcaliers at Mamasita

Last month, Melbourne’s Mamasita launched their in house Mezcaliers (Agave sommelier), an idea that’s been a while in the making and is an Australian first. Think sommeliers, but for agave spirits.

Every night of the week, the restaurant will have a Mezcalier dedicated to answering any/all things agave, available to walking patrons through Mamasita’s 150+ strong agave distillates list. We think it’s a pretty great idea, and are happy to see Mamasita giving agave spirits the attention that they don’t often get.

The first batch of Mezcaliers have been through several weeks of study, exams and hands-on training, and include, from left to right, Oliver Russell, Mario Cardona, Luis Herrera, Simon Hodgson. Below are their profiles. If you’re a fan of tequila or mezcal, it’s certainly something you should go and check out!


Luis Herrera

Luis is a passionate Mexican, and a serial mezcal enthusiast, keen on gaining knowledge with every sip. Luis is “inclined towards pure, non-aged, terroir-revealing flavours”. He is a veritable wealth of information, and is always happy and willing to share tasting adventures with whoever is interested in the agave distillate world. His favourite agave distillate is raicilla, and in particular the La Venenosa Sur de Jalisco.

Simon Hodgson

Simon came to Mamasita with a strong focus on wine, and a desire to pump out high volume cocktails whilst learning a little about tequila. The Mezcalier program has opened Simon’s eyes to one of the most diverse and expressive distillates in the world. The best part of the training program for Simon is happening right now with trying to break down any and all misconceptions people have from the past. His favourite tequila is Casa Noble blanco, “for it’s exotic texture and easy approach – come and chat to me about it!”

Mario Cardona

Mario’s hospitality adventure began at Mamasita in 2010 at the tender age of 18, working as a food runner and eventually working his way into the bar. His love for agave distillates has blossomed to the point of becoming one of their Mezcaliers. Mario finds “so many rich flavours and such different characteristics in all agave makes it a journey to drink any of the spirits”. His favourite part of the Mezcalier training program was coming to understand there is so much history behind agaves and all the different uses for them. His favourite mezcal is Ilegal reposado, and his cocktail of choice is a Mezgarita.

Oliver Russell

Ollie came to Mamasita via nightclubs, and is a big fan of agave distillates because of “the variety that is able to be achieved in both flavour and aroma, through the agave used and the process of making the spirit.” His favourite part of the training was tasting and discussing all of the mezcals, tequilas, raicillas and sotols that Mamasita stocks, and he learnt a lot about these spirits through that process. Ollie’s favourite cocktail is the Mamasita Old-fashioned (made with Delirio reposado mezcal) and his favourite agave distillate is Del Maguey Chichicapa.



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