Monceau Pet-Nat Kombucha, Alcohol-Free Wine Alternative

MELBOURNE | Monceau is a Melbourne-based craft brewery, who produce a variety of zero and ultra-low alcohol beverages like kombucha wine replacement and beer. Rather than removing the alcohol post brewing, they use natural methods to brew drinks that are, by their nature, low or non-alcoholic.

Their most popular brew is the Monceau pet-nat kombucha. It’s designed to be enjoyed in situations where one might enjoy a wine, and pairs well with food. The brewing process is interesting, incorporating the natural carbonation that occurs during the brewing process, with post brew, in bottle carbonation. The result is a beverage that’s akin to sparkling wine, with interesting, funky flavours

There are currently three flavours available. Fuji apple, blood orange, and pear. I was sent one of each to try by the Monceau team, and paired them with a cheese and charcuterie platter. I was hosting friends on the balcony and everyone was a fan. The Fuji apple, in particular, was a favourite. They also offer Parc, an ultra-low alcohol pilsner beer.

You can buy Monceau’s drinks online, direct from their website. Shipping is free on all orders across Australia. You can also find them at retailers, bars, restaurants, and cafes across Australia.



Goodwater, Northcote

King Clarence, Sydney CBD

Hor Kitchen, Melbourne CBD

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