Monster BBQ & Chicken, Maribyrnong

MELBOURNE | Monster Chicken & BBQ is a Korean restaurant in Maribyrnong, with a focus on BBQ and fried chicken. Located on a suburban retail strip in Maribyrnong, I was keen to visit when I received an invite, it having been some time since I last ate Korean BBQ.

It’s a small, simply fitout restaurant. A number of small and larger tables, good to go with inbuilt barbecues and retractable exhaust fans to avoid things getting too smoky.

The menu features the typical selection of Korean BBQ favourites. Monster isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, rather it’s all about doing the classics properly. There’s BBQ sets to suit all budgets, and I highly recommend going for one of them. You get a selection of quality cuts of meat like pork ribs (LA galbi-style), wagyu flank steak, and bulgogi; along with rice and assorted banchan. You can BBQ yourself of leave it in the hands of the staff who pop over every few minutes to make sure it’s all cooking right.

The sets also come with your choice of side dishes, the number depending on which set you get. Popular items include tteokbokki, kimchi-jeon (kimchi pancakes), and kimchi jjigae (pork kimchi stew). Everything that comes as part of the set can be ordered individually.

On the fried chicken front, it’s boneless breast and thigh pieces, with your choice of a number of sauces, and whole chicken that’s cut and fried. Sauces include things like soy and garlic; sweet chilli; and hot and spicy. You can get the sauce as coating on the chicken itself, or on the side. For something different, try the Bburinkle. It’s crispy fried chicken with a cheese, onion, and garlic coating.

To drink, it’s tea and soft drinks, along with Korean beers and a selection of soju and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic Korean drinks.

Monster BBQ & Chicken

3/46 Edgewater Boulevard
Victoria 3032

Telephone: 0484 557 777
E-mail: n/a

Sun – Thu: 12:00pm to 10:30pm
Fri – Sat: 12:00pm to 11:00pm



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