Moon Dog Brewery: Bad Boy Bubbly

From one of Melbourne’s most innovative breweries Moon Dog Brewing comes Bad Boy Bubbly, Champagne Barley Wine, although even the brewer acknowledges that this is probably on the edge of what could be called a barley wine. With an ABV of 13.1%, this is the beer that ends most nights. It’s the beer that everyone regrets having, but everyone keeps having on it. On review, this the first time any of us had had it while relatively sober.

It’s like smoking. You know it’s a bad idea, but then you see it and you think, “I’ve got to have one, I’ve got to have one … It tastes the same sober. On the nose, it actually smells quite grapey, but when you drink it, you definitely get that beery flavour. But there are other barley wines I would prefer to this.

– Gareth

Gosh … It’s a cult beer.

– Chris

If you’re having a wedding or something, and champagne is the tradition, I think someone should totally sub this in for champagne and see what the reaction is.

– Jeff

The Bad Boy Bubbly from Moon Dog Brewing was featured in Season One, Episode Nine.

Chris is an editor, writer, and occasional novelist who in a former life published online magazines for a living while working out of obscure coffee shops. He has travelled extensively and has eaten and enjoyed exotic delights ranging from instant ‘just add water’ potatoes while on a Russian train to snails and Brie from a tiny Montreal kitchen. Chris is a great lover of the experiences around and associated with food and believes the culture of a venue, as quirky or strange as it might be, is just as important as the food it sells. He is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, a podcast dedicated to the lighter side of craft beer.


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