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best las vegas craft beer guide

LAS VEGAS | Las Vegas isn’t the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about American beers, and indeed there aren’t too many breweries in the city. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t good places to find craft beer in Las Vegas. Dotted amongst the bars full of

kirk's melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Kirk’s Wine Bar has been a popular spot for a few years now, but since late last year, it’s expanded to include a new venue, Kirk’s. Located just across from Kirk’s Wine Bar (and above the wine bar’s cellar), Kirk’s is, you guessed it, a pub. Located in

dutch trading company victoria park

PERTH | The Dutch Trading Company is a Victoria Park gem from the people behind The Classroom and Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodlebar. The inspiration here is “the spirit of the Dutch Empire that for 200 years led the world in exploration, trade, culture and art”, and traversed the western coast of

caboose mount lawley

PERTH | Velvet Lounge was home to a lot of memories from uni days, but people get older and change, and Velvet Lounge was very much a relic of the past. Enter Caboose, which is the reincarnation of the space behind the Flying Scotsman. Unlike the bar at the front, Caboose

baby mammoth northbridge

PERTH | Baby Mammoth is a South African inspired restaurant in Northbridge, run by South African owner Ryan Lambson and his Indonesian/Chinese wife, Tania. The menu features an assortment of small share plates, and more substantial dishes that capture the cultural melting post that is South Africa and its food.

tsubu parkville

MELBOURNE | Tsubu is a Japanese style beer garden and dining room, offering Japanese food, sake, beer, wine and cocktails. It features a simple interior and a spacious, garden-like courtyard, in a somewhat secluded part of Melbourne University’s Parkville campus. It’s a well known haunt to students who study on

poor house brewing company north park

SAN DIEGO | Poor House Brewing Company is a North Park brewery that does things a little different than its neighbours. Rather than feeling like a space that’s been set up inside a section of a brewery in a warehouse, the taproom here actually feels like a small neighbourhood bar.

stone brewing world bistro & gardens liberty station point loma

SAN DIEGO | Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station is the Point Loma outpost of Stone Brewing, one the the most well known US craft beer brewers. Located in a former Naval Training station, the Liberty Station taproom encompasses more than 23,500 square feet of indoor and

hopping pig gaslamp

SAN DIEGO | The Hopping Pig is a Gaslamp gastropub with a focus on small batch craft beer featuring 32 rotating taps of mostly West Coast breweries, along with craft breweries around the world. It’s a smallish venue with a welcoming atmosphere and well located screens showing live sports. There

modern times brewery point loma

SAN DIEGO | Modern Times Brewery opened in Point Loma in 2013 and within a year had built a reputation as one of the best new breweries of that year. The warehouse spot very much feels like something that’s been cobbled together, with a bit of a 1970s literary theme. On