Moosa Bar, Carlton North

MELBOURNE | Moosa Bar is a small bar in Carlton North with a focus on local, German, and Belgian craft beer, with a keen vinyl collection, with a Japanese twist. It’s an eclectic combination of influences, but it works in just that way a small bar should.

The bar opened in the middle of the 2020, and has spent more time while Melbourne has been locked down than it has operating “normally”. It’s managed to built a loyal following of locals in that time, however. During the day it’s coffee, toasties, and pastries (well during night too), and as the day goes in Moosa evolves more into its late night form.

The space is low lit, reminiscent of a Tokyo basement bar with comfy couches, Japanese pop culture posters, and an eclectic feel that works. Out the back is a surprisingly spacious beer garden. This eclectic feel continues to the diverse vinyl playing live through the speakers. There’s even a Super Nintendo and an old TV. Whether it works or not is one for me to discover another day.

The beer list spans taps, bottles, and cans. It features favourite old world drops and local heroes. It ranges from accessible beers and easy drinking pilsners through to the punchier Belgian styles. For non-beer drinkers there’s also wine, spirits, and cocktails.

Drinks and food are available to go during lockdown, and I can’t wait to visit properly again when lockdown is over.

Moosa Bar

653 Nicholson Street
Carlton North
Victoria 3054

Telephone: (03) 9380 6538
E-mail: [email protected]

Sun – Thu: 7:00am to 11:00pm
Fri – Sat: 7:00am to 1:00am



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