Moroccan Deli-cacy, Brunswick East

MELBOURNE | Moroccan Deli-cacy Brunswick East is the second venue from Melbourne food legend Hana Assafiri (of Fitzroy North’s Moroccan Soup Bar). Occupying the space that used to be home to Mirimar Nut Shop, Moroccan Deli-cacy retains more than expected from the original venue. It’s still a deli that sells a wide array of Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean products (most of which are made fresh on site) but the aisles of shelves have been replaced with seats and tables and a communal counter. Take home meals are also available.

moroccan deli-cacy brunswick east review

The atmosphere is very welcoming and the staff very friendly. In fact it almost feels like you’re in someone’s home, which is exactly what Assafiri wants. This sense of community runs throughout everything that Assafiri wants Moroccan Deli-cacy to be. I overheard her talking to a customer of an event she was planning where Muslim women would sit at the window facing the street and answer candidly any questions about their lives, Islam etc as a means of fostering understanding and dispelling myths. Assafiri wants the venue to be a place where everyone is welcome and she’s always happy to chat with customers.

moroccan deli-cacy brunswick east review

Moving on to the food and it’s all about traditional Moroccan food. The menu is all vegetarian, so unfortunately no chicken tagine or slow braised lamb but thankfully there’s no shortage of excellent vegetarian Moroccan food. Anyone who has been to Assafiri’s Moroccan Soup Bar or is familiar with Yotam Ottolenghi’s amazing vegetarian dishes can know the sort of thing to expect.

Mixed Plate ($15.00)

When I visited, there was no menu, and only one thing available. A plate full of Moroccan favourites. From the chickpeas to the hummus, the salads to the haloumi and more, everything was fantastic. Combined with the freshly brewed mint tea I was enjoying, memories of my trip to Morocco several years ago were evoked. There was a lot of variety on the plate and for $15.00 it was a bargain that had me feeling very full and satisfied.

moroccan deli-cacy brunswick east review

moroccan deli-cacy brunswick east review

moroccan deli-cacy brunswick east review

Moroccan Deli-cacy is only open during the days at the moment and as renovations to the rear “cantina” are completed more breakfast and lunch options will become available – think small share plates representative of what and how people actually eat in Morocco. Even with the current limited offering though, Moroccan Deli-cacy is well worth visiting.

Moroccan Deli-cacy

313 Lygon Street
Brunswick East
Victoria 3057

Telephone: (03) 9387 6805
E-mail: n/a
Website: n/a

Mon – Sun: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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