Mum’s House Burmese Kitchen, Girrawheen

PERTH | Driving to my Parent’s house from the airport when back in Perth, I spotted a place called ‘Mum’s House Burmese Kitchen‘ pop up on my Google Maps. I generally loathe algorithms and their attempts to pigeon hole people based on an analysis of accumulated data, but in this case Google’s algorithm got it right. Another spot to check out added to my list.

A bit more research didn’t bring up a lot of info. What I could find, solidified my desire to visit before I had to go back to Melbourne. May or may not have a menu, little to no English spoken, random location hidden behind a Chemist Warehouse in an old, immigrant area suburban shopping centre, possibly terrible service, definitely excellent food.

I did a lap of the centre before I was able to find the Mum’s House Burmese Kitchen (which isn’t quite where Google maps says it is). When I walked in, I saw a grandmother behind the counter, and her young grandson doing some chores in and out of the kitchen. Menu? I asked. No menu? Was the response. Pointing to the bain marie, the grandmother gave me a few high level indicators. “Pork. Chicken. Beef. Goat. Vegetables.”

I asked for the goat, pork, and chicken, and pointed to offal and asked for that too. “Vegetables too? Very good.” I was asked as the food was being plated up. “Yes please.” I asked for four of what I correctly assumed were samosas, and was not so much asked, but told that I had to try the other two fried things because they were “very good”. Turns out they were deep fried gourd and onions, and were indeed very good.

Very good is understating what the food at Mum’s House Burmese Kitchen is. It’s excellent. Comforting, no nonsense, home-style Burmese dishes cooked with love. Servings are massive, and the guilt of leaving anything but an empty plate on grandmother’s table, despite it not being your own grandmother, will result in you eating well beyond being full.

Finishing my meal and utterly satisfied, I brought the plates back to the counter with a “very good, thank you”. A smile, nod, and thank you was returned. You win this round, algorithm.

Mum’s House Burmese Kitchen

Summerfield Shopping Centre
3 Wade Court
Western Australia 6064

Telephone: (08) 9247 1077
E-mail: [email protected]

Mon: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Tue – Sun: 9:00am to 7:00pm



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