Never Never Oyster Shell Gin Launches At Society

MELBOURNE | South Australian distillers Never Never have just released Dark Series Oyster Shell Gin in collaboration with Melbourne’s Society Restaurant, and after sampling it a few different ways at a recent launch event held at Society, I gotta say that I’m a fan.

Never Never’s multiple award winning Triple Juniper Gin is one of my go-to Australian gins. For the Oyster Shell Gin, they’ve changed up the recipe with the addition of Kangaroo Island oyster shell, waxflower, Tasmania wakame, coastal daisy bush, saltbush, and round mint. Some uniquely Australian botanicals which have been used to create a unique expression of the Australian coastline.

How does this translate to the flavour of the gin? Well it’s certainly got a sea-spray, beachy saltiness to it, along with savoury minerality. There’s notes of lime leaf and grapefruit here too. Perfect for martinis and pairing with seafood, both of which I was able to experience at Society.

At the restaurant, you can enjoy it neat, in a G&T, or in several cocktails created especially for the gin. Jalapeño Gibson is a favourite of many of the beverage team at Society. Most of us at the event said it was our favourite too. It’s a take on the martini, with an interesting jalapeño house distillate that captures the flavours of the jalapeño without any of the heat. It’s garnished with a cocktail onion.

Never Never’s limited edition ‘Dark Series’ gins (and the wonderful Black Juniper Amaro they did with Black Pearl) are always unique and delicious. Oyster Shell Gin continues this trend.

You can purchase bottles of the gin on the Never Never website and at Society.



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