Northbridge, Perth: 14 November 2010

Today I quickly popped into Northbridge, which is many things as far as Perth goes. It is a restaurant and cafe area, a nightclub area, and in more recent times, an area where independent artists, designers etc. are encouraged to set up shop.

This update is just a small one, going from a bubble tea shop on James Street then up onto William Street, the Northbridge section of which is Perth’s unofficial Chinatown. I will do a more detailed walk through Northbridge at a later date.

Hi Tea is a bubble tea shop which has a great selection of flavours. I am somewhat obsessed with bubble tea, however in London there are only a few places that do it and it is literally double the price that it is in Perth, with a very limited selection, hence I never really get it in London. The best bubble tea I’ve found in the UK that is on par value wise with what I can get in Perth is in Manchester.

Outre Gallery, one of the funky new galleries that has opened up as part of the East Perth Redevelopment Authorities renovation of all the heritage buildings along this part of William Street. Within a few months, all of the empty buildings will have opened, and there will be a mix of food, clothing and art.

Good Fortune Roast Duck House has by far the best roast duck in Perth, and I was eager to get dinner from here as I haven’t been able to find anything that comes quite as close to this in London.



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