Palette. At Night, North Melbourne

MELBOURNE | Something that struck me when in Ho Chi Minh City last month, was just how many cafes were open at night. Lots of busy spots filled with people enjoying coffee, tea, desserts, and dishes more commonly associated with breakfast. It’s something that’s been popular in Asia for a while, and a few spots around Melbourne have been trying out the concept too.

One of these is North Melbourne cafe Palette. By day, it’s a ‘Korean aesthetics and lifestyle’ inspired cafe, creating dishes that blend Korean and Australian elements. Their loaded Korean brioche sandwiches and house made croissants are a particular highlight. At night, the cafe transforms into Palette. At Night. The menu switches to a dessert focus, underpinned by the same philosophy as the day menu. I recently popped in for What’s On Melbourne to take a look.

The back room of the cafe is where the night action occurs, with the lights turned down low, and soothing jazz and soul playing at a low volume over the speakers. A relaxed environment, conducive to conversation. At the front, a handful of people wait for takeaway orders.

It’s things like croffles (a croissant x waffle hybrid), filled with cream and things like strawberry and pistachio, and cinnamon, There’s thick cut honey mascarpone brioche, topped with ingredients like strawberry, and my highlight of the night, Lotus biscoff. There’s also good old fashioned waffles, topped with things like yuzu cream. Flavours change regularly, depending on the season.

To drink, Palette. At Night serves up an assortment of milky and fruity lattes, and teas. The strawberry latte is refreshing and not at all sweet, with the real strawberry flavour coming through nicely. Ditto for the flavoured cream latte, which provides a counterbalance to the sweetness of the desserts.

The first time I ever travelled internationally, to Singapore in 2001, and discovered the joys of eating savoury noodles for breakfast, my perspective was forever changed on what ‘day food’ and ‘night food’ should be. The night cafe is here, and I’m all for it.

Palette. At Night

610 Queensbury Street
North Melbourne
Victoria 3051

Telephone: 0498 489 088
E-mail: n/a

Tue – Sat: 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Paul founded The City Lane back in 2009 as a place to share photos of his travels around Europe with friends and family. The City Lane might have changed quite a lot since those early days but one thing that’s remained constant is Paul’s passion for food, travel and culture, and a desire to photograph and write about his experiences. Paul has a strong inquisitive nature that drives him to look beneath the surface in order to discover what really makes a city and its people tick, and what better way to do this than over a good meal or drink, with a city’s locals, at places that people who live in that city actually frequent. Paul is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, a podcast that may or may not actually be about beer.


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