The Peninsula Picnic Mornington 2015: Upcoming Event

peninsula picnic mornington

Historically I’ve only written about things that I’ve experienced, be it an event, bar or food spot I’ve attended, a place I’ve travelled to or a cookbook I’ve used. I’ve avoided writing about upcoming events because I didn’t want my blog to become full of posts that were nothing more than me rehashing press releases.

What though, of upcoming events that I’m generally interested in and that I think you, the reader will be interested in too? Surely if I’m made aware of something that sounds pretty good my readers might want to know about it too? As long as I’m posting the regular, high quality content that my readers have come to know and love surely I can make room for the occasional heads up too?

After thinking about these things for a little while, I’ve decided that I’m going to give it a shot and write up posts when I’m made aware of an event that’s “food, travel and culture” related that I’m interested in and that I think you’ll be interested in too.

My first post of this type is the main subject of this post, the inaugural “Peninsula Picnic” which will be held on Sunday 29 March 2015 and will be the Mornington Peninsula’s largest food, wine and music gathering. Those who attend will be given the opportunity to discover the hidden gems from the region’s leading producers, growers, orchardists and gourmet store-owners set to the sounds of some great live Australian music.

Food wise, some renowned chefs are going to be involved in creating lunch menus for the event using seasonal and local ingredients. Melbourne Racing Club’s consultant chef Ian Curley (The European) will be joined by head chef at the National Golf Course on The Peninsula, Craig Gorton along with Matt Wilkinson (Pope Joan), Pierre Khooja (Flinders Hotel) and many others.

On the wine front, it’ll be local wines from the Peninsula that will be featured and music wise a selection of Australian bands will be making an appearance on stage including The Waifs, Something For Kate front-man Paul Dempsey, Tinpan Orange and more.

I’m a big fan of the Mornington Peninsula and the few times I’ve been down there I’ve had a really good time. The Peninsula Picnic certainly looks like an event that’s got the potential to be pretty great – it’s hard for a chilled out weekend on the Peninsula not to be.

If you’re interested in attending the inaugural Peninsula Picnic you can get tickets from Ticketek. I’ve included profiles on the chefs and musicians from the press release below. For further details, visit the Peninsula Picnic’s official website.

peninsula picnic mornington

Meet The Chefs

Terre chefs, Rowan and Janine Herrald, source as much local produce as possible to use on their menu including an abundance of wild produce such as wild mushrooms and a variety of the lesser known edible wild herbs, flowers and sea succulents growing on the foreshores – rock samphire, sea blight, coastal bone fruit, sea parsley, sea spinach. Using these types of ingredients adds incredible texture and flavour that gives a unique ‘taste’ – unmistakably the taste of Terre, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Montalto love food; growing it and making it! They’ll be bringing along their fresh home grown and locally sourced produce to create a truly memorable dining experience, honouring exceptional produce in a beautiful environment. Acclaimed Head Chef Barry Davis has been at the helm of the restaurant since 2005. His menu is inspired by regional France, but anchored in the fresh, seasonal produce of Montalto’s estate and surrounds.

Ian Curley
Melbourne Racing Club’s consultant chef, the owner of Kirk’s Wine bar and executive chef at The European, Ian Curley, will feature alongside his good friend Craig Gorton, head chef at the National Golf Course on The Peninsula. Ian & Craig will source the best produce on the Peninsula to serve an authentic delicious fare.

Terminus at The Flinders Hotel
You’ll be able to indulge your culinary senses for a truly memorable experience on the Mornington Peninsula with the Executive Chef from the Terminus, Pierre Khodja, who will be producing a sophisticated melangé of French and Mediterranean cuisine with subtle, aromatic undertones from his North African heritage.

Pope Joan
Matt Wilkinson is chef and co-owner of Brunswick neighbourhood eatery Pope Joan, much-loved for its homely dishes – led by locally grown, seasonal produce – with a distinctly British twist. In 2013, Matt and business partner Ben Foster opened Hams & Bacon, Pope Joan’s produce store where customers can purchase many of the beautiful, local ingredients featured on Pope Joan’s seasonal menus.

Matt will be sharing his love of the freshest, top-quality ingredients with a classic, retro-inspired menu. He has just four words for you: toasties, salads and soft serve.

The Long Table
Andrew and Samantha, founders of The Long Table Restaurant will create a unique food experience, offering passionately produced food reflective of their own personalities and their love for wine, food and art. Head Chef, Daniel Whelan’s move to the Mornington Peninsula has delighted patrons of The Long Table old and new. His classic yet simple inspired European fare is matched with a locally focused and eclectic cellar of wine, beer and cider.

Dee’s Kitchen
Dee’s Kitchen will be bringing their sense of celebration, diversity and culture, through their multicultural menu. It is about much more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of food, heritage, culture, and of course being social, within the relaxed environment of a beachside community. Dee’s menu is largely influenced by an Israeli and Mediterranean heritage. They’ll be serving healthy, simple flavours that everyone can enjoy including a Middle Eastern inspired sweet dish. They believe in keeping the dishes simple and honest to their origins, with fresh flavours.

Max’s at Red Hill Estate
Established 20 years ago, was the first winery restaurant on the Peninsula and today continues to delight guests with a seasonal, produce driven menu, combining the best the Peninsula has to offer with modern culinary techniques in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Their picnic menu created by the man himself, Max Paganoni, will feature fresh, flavourful food perfectly suited for a relaxed yet refined afternoon of revelry.

DOC Mornington will be exhibiting their real Italian eating and age-old simplicity refreshed with contemporary flair. A celebration of heritage. A joy in sharing. Authentic, exuberant… and outrageously Italian.

A Menu Of Music

The Waifs
From a journey that began in 1992, with two sisters and a friend travelling in a van playing gigs for anyone and anywhere, to half a million record sales locally and multiple ARIA awards, The Waifs have plenty of tales to tell through their music – and storytelling they do well – their trademark honesty, passion and humour shines through their musical offerings, attracting legions of fiercely loyal fans.

Sisters Vikki Thorn and Donna Simpson deliver their stories with the help of Josh Cunningham on guitar, who they met by chance in Broome way back when. The trio are often joined by the rhythm section of David Macdonald on drums and Ben Franz on bass. Reuniting for select shows across the summer will be bringing their beloved mix of folk, blues and rock sounds, playing their classic tracks.

Paul Dempsey
Paul Dempsey has been busy. He’s spent the majority of 2014 travelling the country with Something For Kate celebrating their 20th anniversary with a massive sold-out national tour, a film, a book and their entire back catalogue reissued on vinyl, CD and iTunes. Something for Kate’s career over the past two decades has been widely celebrated, and Paul’s place as one of Australia’s great songwriters has been widely acknowledged by fans and critics alike along the way.

Having put his solo pursuits on hold over the course of the year, Paul has spent the last several weeks holed up working on new material. He’s decided now is the time to get out for some fresh air, and will make a couple of very special appearances over the summer. He’ll play songs from his gold-selling solo album ‘Everything Is True’, some Something For Kate classics, and generally have a great time on stage armed with just a guitar and a canon of fantastic songs. It’s that simple really.

Pierce Brothers
A humble beginning busking on the street has paved the way for the brothers to become the hardworking artists they are today. Having progressed from playing Bourke Street Mall to playing a record breaking five sold out shows at Melbourne’s Shebeen they sold out shows in London and performed to a monster crowd of 10,000+ punters at Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands. Melbourne’s own Pierce Brothers that have exploded onto the international scene over the last few months and will be bringing their energetic and engaging performance, featuring didgeridoos and high jumps and a twist on folk music all their own to the Peninsular for the very first time.

Tinpan Orange
In 2012, critically acclaimed folk-pop musicians, Tinpan Orange released Over the Sun, an album nominated for The Age Music Victoria Genre Award for Best Folk Roots Album and one singer-songwriter Emily Lubitz refers to as ‘the greatest album of my life’. Months later, just to pay the bills, Lubitz sang the anonymous lead vocal on an Australian train safety commercial that became the viral internet sensation – Dumb Ways To Die.

54 million YouTube hits later, Tinpan has played all of Australia’s top festivals, including Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival and Laneway Festival, not to mention sharing the stage with the likes of Martha Wainwright, My Brightest Diamond and The Cat Empire. Picture Emily, twirling her hair out across a complex and original musical creation, in which virtuosic instrumental performances and intimate song writing merge to form a wholly unique sound.

Hayden Calnin
The ink lines that would shape Australian, singer/songwriter/producer Hayden Calnin and his musical career were drawn in his teen years after his father gave him a guitar at age fourteen. He hasn’t gone a day since without playing it. Dabbling in bands through his teens led him to add drums and piano to his repertoire he finally decided to take on vocals. Now, Hayden’s music manifests itself as honest storytelling with a progressive edge. Heartfelt vocals showcase a range that walks a steady pace from sweet, tip toeing falsettos to warm and husky lower ranges that belt out raw lyrics.

peninsula picnic mornington 2015



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