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MELBOURNE | Port Melbourne Paletas is a Melbourne-based business inspired by a love of ice-cream and travels through Central and South America. Consultant Jim and his wife first tried paletas in the region, and fell in love with the creation, which is essentially a dense, velvety icy-pole. The texture and density mean that when eating it, the mouthfeel and flavour more of an ice-cream/icy-pole hybrid.

The duo, who have given up their day jobs to go all in with Port Melbourne Paletas, have spend thousands of hours refining ingredients and approach to produce the very best desserts possible. It’s about simple flavours, quality local produce, sustainable production, and 100% biodegradable packaging. Like the paletas in Mexico, the flavours here are a mixture of fruit based, and milk-based flavours.

Jim popped past last week and gifted me a mixed box of the current flavours (there’s a core range and a selection of rotating flavours), and I’m happy to report that they all hit the spot. Best eaten after spending a few minutes outside of the freezer, the paletas are full of rich flavour, with a velvety mouthfeel and textural contrasts. My favourite is “The Alchemist” – layers of creamy raspberry and chocolate fudge ice-cream backed with toffee almond praline, wrapped in dark chocolate and finished with raspberry pieces and bursts of edible gold powder. Divine.

They’re a great option for those with dietary requirements too. Over time, the range has been shifting over to being completely plant based, gluten free, and dairy free. Most, but not all, are all three – a flavour only switches over when it can be done without compromising flavour or texture. For me, I would have thought that some of the milky and creamy ones definitely contained dairy – so job well done.

You can order directly from the Port Melbourne Paletas website, or check out their website for a full list of stockists. Delivery is offered within a 30km radius of Melbourne’s CBD, with free delivery within a 15km radius.

Port Melbourne Paletas

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