Small Fry Donuts, Braeside

MELBOURNE | Melbourne delivery driver turned burger blogger Ainsley Gararth (@aindogs_burgers, corporate analyst by day, grill master by night Kristiano Sucipto (@krispy_kr1s), and hospo recruiter and food blogger Samantha Rickard (@sassyseats) became mates last year, and during that time have been toying with the idea of starting their own venture.

During lockdown, Ainsley and Kris honed their already impressive his burger making skills, while Sam set about perfecting her doughnut recipe. A few weeks ago, it all came together when they launched Backyard Burgs and Small Fry Donuts, operating as a physical pop-up in Braeside.

I’m unfortunately yet to try Ainsley and Kris’ burgers, mostly because they’ve popped up a one hour drive from me, but I will get there eventually I’m sure.

Sam, meanwhile, is delivering her doughnuts across Melbourne (free delivery if you’re within a 25km radius), and was nice enough to gift me a sample box of her creations a few Sundays ago.

I’ve spoken to Sam before, and one thing we’re both aligned on is being over all of the bullshit, hyperbole, and chicanery (not a word I use often, but such a great word!) on Instagram. Good food, good people, and honesty, that’s what it’s all about. This philosophy comes through with her doughnuts.

There’s no ridiculous mountain of toppings, no jam filled syringes and other nonsense, just a fantastic hand rolled base doughnut with a non-greasy, light, fluffy interior and crispy exterior, generously coated with a variety of simple, quality glazes.

I tried the OG, yuzu, along with the limited salted caramel, and cinnamon swirl. All really tasty, especially the zesty yuzu one. You can expect to see a rotating selection of limited flavours as the week’s roll by. I’ve suggested red velvet as a flavour that I’d like to see. What do you think?

Small Fry Donuts

1/226 Governor Road
Victoria 3195

Telephone: n/a
E-mail: [email protected]

Pop-up times vary – check Small Fry’s socials for details.



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