South Australia’s Natural Beauty

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words and, in the case of rural South Australia’s natural beauty we’d have to agree.

Going through all of the photos from the Adelaide to Melbourne road trip that Lauren and I did, I’ve been constantly reminded of just how beautiful rural South Australia is. This was the first time that either of us had visited the state and there was rarely a time during our time there that we weren’t wowed by nature.

Not every photo fits nicely into its own post, and nor should it. The best way to share some of these experiences with you in this case is not with words, but with photos. If you’ve never been to South Australia before I highly recommend that you take the time to visit, even if just for a few days like we did. You won’t be disappointed. All of these photos are from the 500km drive between the Barossa Valley and Port McDonnel, and were experienced over a 2 day period.

Mengler Hill Lookout & Sculpture Park

This sculpture park was created by Australian, Japanese, American and French sculptors who were invited to participate as part of the Barossa International Sculpture Symposium held 1988. The sculptures are great but the view is the star.

south australia natural beauty

south australia natural beauty

Barossa Valley Way, Gawler

Gawler was the first country town the be established in South Australia. It’s a charming town with some great bars and places to eat. It’s a gateway between Adelaide and the Barossa Valley and, on Barossa Valley Way which is the main road leading out from Gawler to the Barossa Valley, there are some stunning sights to be seen.

south australia natural beauty

south australia natural beauty

south australia natural beauty

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is the second most populous city in South Australia, and is located in a limestone rich area at the foot of a dormant volcano. Just outside of the town there is plenty of farmland and some beautiful sights.

south australia natural beauty

Port MacDonnell

Port MacDonnel is the southern most town in South Australia, close to the South Australia/Victoria border and is famous for its fresh, large rock lobster.

south australia natural beauty

south australia natural beauty

south australia natural beauty

Have you been to South Australia before? What’s your favourite part of the state’s countryside?



Goodwater, Northcote

King Clarence, Sydney CBD

Hor Kitchen, Melbourne CBD

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