Sucre Du Jour, Camberwell

MELBOURNE | Opening during lockdown last year, Sucre Du Jour is a French bakery and patisserie with Japanese inspiration, and Malaysian influences from owners Eigen Ting and Josephine Tan.

The duo have impressive CVs, with experience at L’Hotel Gitan in Melbourne, and time working in Singapore under Joel Robuchon, and at the Raffles Hotel.

There’s a playfulness to what’s on offer here. A dedication to technique, a respect of tradition, and a willingness to experiment. Their creations recently caught my eye when I saw some of their interesting creations posted on a friend’s Instagram account.

The croissant included two of my favourite Malaysian/Singaporean ingredients. Bakkwa (a wonderfully sweet and sticky hokkien candied pork jerky), and pork floss (think salty pork fairy floss/cotton candy). Add to that Kewpie and cheese, and how could I say no? I placed my order and it was everything that I’d hoped for. All of the flavours and textures combining so well with each mouthful. Who says fusion food doesn’t work?

Of course I couldn’t just order the croissant. The only hard bit was decided what to narrow my order down to. I enjoyed the Love U So Matcha, a wonderful combination of matcha and white chocolate mousse, passion fruit curd, ladyfinger sponge, Cornflake and puffed rice crunch, and mandarin coulis.

I also went for a box of five macarons. Dark chocolate and Earl Grey, raspberry and rose, passionfruit and Thai milk tea, matcha and yuzu, and blackcurrant and lychee. All really good.

Sucre Du Jour is delivering across Melbourne during lockdown, and you can still visit their Camberwell café for takeaway. I’m certainly looking forward to visiting the actual store when lockdown is over, and may just to another order before then.

Sucre Du Jour

10/436 Burke Road
Victoria 3124

Telephone: 0403 448 906
E-mail: [email protected]

Tue – Sat: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Sun: 10:00am to 5:00pm

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