kanoyama east village manhattan

NEW YORK CITY | Kanoyama is one of the best places for quality sushi in the East Village, with the under the radar local’s favourite serving up a fantastic selection of sushi rolls, nigiri and sashimi at a very reasonable price. It’s all about freshness at Kanoyama, with a mixture

yokocho melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Yokocho is a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne that aims to capture some of the spirit of the izakayas and sushi bars of Japan. Yokocho translates as “food alleyway”, intimate spaces in Japan lined with small, busy food venues, filled with salarymen and women getting their after work yakitori,

kama sushi milan

MILAN | When living in Italy, it is not expected that sushi would be a regular part of your life. But to the surprise of many, there are sushi restaurants everywhere you look in Milan. As one of the most diverse cities in Italy, it only makes sense for the

sea salt carlton

MELBOURNE | Sea Salt Carlton, from the outside, appears to be not much more than a fish & chip shop, but when you walk inside and take a look at the menu, and the kitchen staff at work in the open kitchen, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s more here

sushi gen little tokyo

LOS ANGELES | Sushi Gen is a Little Tokyo Japanese restaurant that’s built quite the reputation since opening in 1980 as serving some of the best sushi in Los Angeles, at prices that are very reasonable given the quality of the fish. After 37 years in the game, these guys