Mitch’s Fish Market & Sushi Bar, Airport

HONOLULU | Hawaii is known for its amazing seafood, and there are Japanese influences throughout the islands’ cuisine. I knew that I would expect excellent sushi and sashimi while here, and one name that kept popping up before and during my visit has been Mitch’s Fish Market & Sushi Bar.

South African-born Douglas “Mitch” Mitchell and his son Craig opened their sushi restaurant in 2004, on the site of Craig’s seafood import and wholesale business. It’s in an unassuming location – and industrial part of Honolulu just around the corner from airport.

When I walked inside, I was reminded of a sushi spot whose name escapes me, that I visited in Osaka back in 2014. From the simple décor, to the colour scheme, to the industrial location, I was transported back to that experience. All I needed was some great sushi to seal the deal, and Mitch’s definitely makes the grade.

Craig’s ability to source the best seafood, both local and from around the world, means that master chefs Shingo Luu, Masakazu Murakami, and Il Han, have the best ingredients available to them with which to work their magic. Seafood from Japan and New Zealand feature heavily on the menu, which spans appetisers to hand rolls, nigiri/sashimi, and a few other dishes.

The nigiri/sashimi part of the menu is the main focus. There’s an extensive list of seafood, which you can choose to have as either sushi or nigiri. Favourites of mine, like aji (horse mackerel), uni (sea urchin), bluefin toro (fatty tuna), and unagi (freshwater eel), are all available, and prepared perfectly, atop just warm enough rice if you’ve gone the sushi option.

It’s the kind of seafood that doesn’t need to be drenched in soy sauce, with piles of ginger and wasabi. All three things are there, but you should exercise restraint if you’re going to use them at all. With high quality seafood like this, less is more.

To drink, it’s Japanese tea and other non alcoholic drinks. For booze, BYOB.

Based on this one experience, it’s easy to see why Mitch’s is considered top tier when it comes to sushi in Honolulu.

Mitch’s Fish Market & Sushi Bar

524 Ohohia Street
Hawaii 96819
United States

Telephone: 808 837 7774
E-mail: n/a

Mon – Sun: 11:30am to 8:00pm



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