Talat Phlu Dessert Shop, Thon Buri

BANGKOK | En route to desert spot at a place that I had marked on my list in Talat Phlu market, I walked past another place that got my attention. The roller doors at the front had just come up, and locals were scrambling for a ticket. There was no English anywhere. What was this place that was so popular? Take a punt and grab a number? Why no

As the line rapidly grew, bags of desserts started to be placed on top of a long display cabinet, while large trays of assorted, colourful treats arrived in multiple deliveries. Clearly, this was a dessert shop. As it would happen, the name of the place is very literal – Talat Phlu Dessert Shop.

By 11:30am, the cabinet was full, and the vendor opened for business. As I waited for my number to be called I, I tried to decide what to order. Green, probably pandan. White, likely coconut, the wobbly squares, akin to kueh. I figured that leaving it to the experts was the right move, so typed “eight of your most popular desserts please” into Google Translate.

‘29’ was called, and I showed my phone to the person serving me while saying it in English on the off chance they knew what I was saying. The translation worked. I received a nod, smile, and a thumbs up. Soon I had my desserts.

I found a spot around the corner, sat on the ground with Lauren, and we enjoyed our sweets. Later research didn’t bring up much about this place. It’s name is descriptive – Talat Phlu Dessert Shop. It’s been around since 1989 (which led to me discovering and exploring the world of 1980s ‘T-Pop’), and has been consistently popular ever since it opened. The formula is simple. An assortment of quality traditional Thai desserts, made using family recipes passed down through the generations, at affordable prices.

I did end up going to the place that was on my list afterwards (more on that another time), but am sure glad that took a punt and grabbed ticket number ‘29’. Well worth the wait of just over an hour, for both the sweets, and the little ‘slice of local life’ experience.

Talat Phlu Dessert Shop

1129 Soi Thoet Thai 25
Thon Buri
Bangkok 10600

Telephone: 066 2466 9332
E-mail: n/a
Website: n/a

Thu – Sun: 11:30pm to 5:00pm



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