The Aristic Barrio Of Getsemani, Cartagena

CARTAGENA | Getsemani is an artistic, bohemian barrio located just outside of Cartagna’s historic centre. It’s only be a 10 minute stroll away from the centre, but it has a feeling all of its own. Once known mostly for its drugs and prostitution, today the neighbourhood is popular with residents and visitors. Those visiting seek creative inspiration, be it in the form of art, food, drink, dance, or more.

Plaza de Santisma Trinidad is the heart of the barrio. It’s home to a beautiful old 17th-century church and is a popular hangout spot for locals to chill and play football. During the day, you can watch the relaxed pace of daily life unfold (plenty of locals live in the barrio). As day gives way to night, the plaza fills with street entertainers and food carts set up to serve local delicacies. The streets of Getsemani become busier and the barrio’s bars and restaurants fill with people.

Getsemani is a neighbourhood that begs to be explored on foot. The narrow streets are lined with colourful colonial era buildings, and there’s street art to be found all over. The murals focus on the city’s history, stories, and current topics relevant to the barrio, including racial segregation, gentrification, and increasing tourism.

For lunch or dinner, enjoy an assortment of tapas and tasty drinks at Demente and check out the fresh ceviche, small plates, and cocktails at Caffe Lunatico. If you want to enjoy a coffee and snack, or an creative coffee based cocktail, check out bean to cup roastary and cafe Café del Mural. Craft beer fans should head to Cartagena Craft Beer.It’s one of the best places in the city for it. If you’re more of a spirits drinker, check out El Arsenal: The Rum Box, which has a huge selecction of Colombian rums and other spirits. And to dance the night away, avoid the touristy Cafe Havana and follow the locals to Bazurto Social Club.

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