The Great Australian Curry, Helping Families In Poverty

AUSTRALIA | Need an excuse to make a good curry? Here are a few good ones.

From Opportunity International Australia comes The Great Australian Curry, an initiative to raise money for families living in poverty in Asia, and to help, all you have to do is get your friends together for a curry. It can be anywhere you like (including a restaurant), as long as within the spice sweats, rice, and dahl, you collect some donations. It’s that easy.

But why should you do it? Because not only is curry jam-packed full of amazingness, every dollar you raise goes to funding micro loans in Asia, meaning you will help people deal with poverty, and you will give them a chance to leave poverty behind. In short, this is without a doubt the best opportunity you’ll ever have to use your love of curry for good.

Now, while we at The City Lane think that every night could be a curry night, The Great Australian Curry campaign runs through October and November 2016, in honour of Anti-Poverty Week, the 16th until the 22nd of October. You can find out more at the official website.

You can make a difference through curry this October and November. We think you should.



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