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PERTH | Scrolling through Instagram during my second week back in Perth, I came across The Layers on Max Veenhuyzen’s feed. You know I love me some kuih/kueh, so I decided to see what these ones were all about.

The Layers was started by Connie and Sithu Thame. Connie hails from Malaysia, and Sithu from Singapore. They have been making kuih sporadically for the past few years out of the kitchen of Connie’s parent’s East Perth restaurant Fuku Sushi, inspired by the kuih of their childhoods, from places like Benga Wan Solo (which I’ve also tried and love).

The duo decided to take things to the next level about seven months ago (well it was mostly Connie’s idea Sithu admits). Fuelled by a desire to introduce a wider Perth audience to kuih and other Nyonya deserts, and seeing what Raymond Tan has done in Melbourne with Raya, they launched The Layers.

Every week (usually), a post goes up on The Layer’s Instagram page, letting people know that ordering is open, and what is on offer. You place your order and that Sunday can either pick it up from Fuku Sushi or have it delivered.

You bet I got onto it straight away, only to find out from Sithu that they were taking a week off after a hectic week of making kuih during Lunar New Year. But… Sithu was kind enough to hook me up. He and Connie made up a box for me that week and gifted it to me. Happy days!

The box I enjoyed contained multiples (way more than pictured) of four delicious kuih. All as good as any I’ve ever had. There’s the green and white kuih talam (pandan and coconut), the pink nine layered coconut milk kuih lapis, the blue, green, and white kuih salat/seri muka (my favourite, pandan and coconut egg custard, blue pea flower glutinous rice), and the roasted peanut filled angku kuih.

If you’re in Perth and love kuih, or if you’ve never tried them before and are curious (you should be), hit up Sithu on The Layer’s Instagram account DMs and put in an order, you won’t be disappointed.

The Layers

Online Meal Delivery
East Perth
Western Australia 6004

Telephone: n/a
E-mail: n/a

Mon – Sun: 24 hours a day



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