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pastel de nata by vez melbourne



pastel de nata by vez melbourne



pastel de nata by vez melbourne



MELBOURNE | Veronica “Vez” Lai, who works full-time as an auditor, launched The Pastel de Nata by Vez a few months back. The idea itself began when Vez suggested making flan for a friend, but instead, they insisted on pastéis de nata. Why? Well Vez’s family, who hail from East Timor, are known for them.

East Timor was occupied by the Portuguese from 1702-1975. As you’d expect, that resulted in a lot of Portuguese influences being infused into East Timor’s culture, including food and drink.

The recipe that Vez uses is a family recipe that’s been handed down from her mother, who in turn learnt how to make the tarts from Vez’s grandmother.

One or twice a month, Vez accepts orders for her tarts. It’s always the original on offer, alongside a unique creation. When I ordered last week, the limited flavour was Biscoff. The gingery crumbed biscuits work so well with the traditional egg tart flavours. Other flavours have included things like boba pearls, pandan, and apple crumble.

When orders close, Vez balances making all of the tarts, with the help of her parents and grandmother, with her full time job. As someone who balances a passion with a full time finance job I can relate somewhat! It can get super stressful and overwhelming, but ultimately it’s so rewarding.

Convinced that you should put in an order yet? Check out the Pastel de Nata instagram page for details about what the next limited flavour will be, and when you can DM through your order to Vez.

The Pastel de Nata by Vez

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