The Rechabite, Northbridge

PERTH | The Rechabite opened at the back end of 2019, but thanks to COVID-19 and its associated border closures, may outside of Western Australia, including myself, weren’t able to visit until early 2021. The fact that I returned twice in two weeks after my first visit, tells you all that you need to know. This is one of my new favourite venues in Perth.

Rechabite Hall was erected in 1925 for the Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR), a friendly society which also promoted total abstinence from alcohol. By the 1940s, it had become Northbridge’s most popular dance hall, and stayed as such for several decades before falling into disuse.

The four year, $3 million redevelopment of the heritage-listed temperance hall was the brainchild of Marcus Canning. Marcus is a keen supporter of the arts in Perth, and one of the key players behind the growth of Artrage, Fringe World, Rooftop Movies, The Bakery and more.

The redevelopment has successfully transformed the space into something quite spectacular, a multi level, multi use hospitality and arts venue that feels historic yet modern, vibrant and well integrated with the community. Thankfully, abstinence from alcohol is no longer the name of the game.

Starting at the top is Hello, a rooftop bar with sweeping views over Northbridge and the CBD. There’s an extensive drinks menu, featuring tasty cocktails, and a selection of mostly local wines and craft beer on tap and in bottles. DJs spinning live vinyl at night sweetens the deal.

Below Hello you’ll find the Rechabite Hall itself, the original hall that’s now being used to host a variety of arts events from live music, theatre, cabaret, comedy, masterclasses, and more.

On the ground floor it’s restaurant Double Rainbow, with a Korean leaning modern East Asian influenced menu. There’s also the restaurant’s side bar which is well worth a visit.

Finally, you have the basement which is home to the Goodwill Club. Think dive bar vibes with live DJs and a party atmosphere. It’s a lot of fun and, like the rest of the venue, the drinks list is quality.

The Rechabite

244 William Street
Western Australia 6003

Telephone: 0420 697 238
E-mail: n/a

Sun, Wed – Thu: 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Fri – Sat: 5:00pm to 12:00am



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