We’re Giving Away Free Doughnuts

city lane free doughut event

MELBOURNE | Free doughnuts? That’s right. The City Lane is giving away free doughnuts on Saturday 12 November at Little Oscar in Brunswick East. You’re thinking this is too good to be true aren’t you? You’re asking yourself “what’s the catch”? Well ok smarty pants there is kind of a catch.

We’re proud supporters of Opportunity International Australia, a charity which aims to provide financial solutions to those in poverty who have an entrepreneurial spark and need assistance to help them transform their lives by turning their ideas into reality. Opportunity provides assistance primarily by way of micro-loans and business education.

Many are hesitant to lend money to those in poverty, asking “how will they pay me back?”, however the repayment rate on these micro-loans averages 98%, which is better than that experienced by most financial institutions. Even more impressive is that these repayments are then recycled to help others in need.

We think that the work that Opportunity International Australia does is fantastic and decided that an event like this would be a great way to help raise some money. So the free doughnut catch is that we’re suggesting you make a gold coin donation. You don’t have to if you don’t want, and you can have a doughnut for free but… you know.

We’ll have 1,200 filled doughnuts to give away and a range of flavours available – Nutella, jam, custard etc, and you’ll also be able to buy coffee. So get yourself down to Little Oscar on Saturday 12 November and enjoy a tasty treat for a good cause.

A Doughnut A Day Keeps The Poverty At Bay

When: Saturday 12 November, 9:00am to 2:00pm or until sold out

Cost: Free, suggested cold coin donation

Where: Where: Little Oscar. 41 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057



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