cadbury oreo creme egg,

So we don’t normally write about this sort of stuff, but it is food related, and is very relevant to readers of The City Lane and The City Lane London. What’s that you ask? Well the heading kind of gave it away but yes, Cadbury have, several months before Easter, released the Oreo Creme Egg. Two of our favourite indulgences combined into the one treat? Yes please.

The new Oreo Creme Egg (well new-ish, Canadians actually got them last year) contain the same milk chocolate shell as the original, but are filled with a vanilla Oreo creme and biscuit filling. Instead of the usual foil that covers regular Creme Eggs, these ones are surrounded by a blue plastic cup so they won’t crack.

Easter might not be for a few months yet, but we don’t care. Your can find Cadbury’s Oreo Creme Eggs in supermarkets across Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada now.