Beggs & Acon, Prahran

MELBOURNE | Eggs and bacon, they’re two ingredients that find their way into many a breakfast plate. In Prahran, Beggs & Acon make these two ingredients the focus of their small but mighty menu. I was recently invited to check it out.

The concept was born during lockdown, with the Mr Miyagi crew selling an awesome egg and bacon roll on the weekends, based on a family recipe of Mr Miyagi executive chef Kyle Doody’s. The roll proved to be so popular, that Kyle and Beggs & Acon head chef Jake expanded the menu, before launching the cafe as a bricks and mortar operation.

There’s a handful of breakfast options along with a few sandwiches for lunch, with a few add on items, Niccol Coffee coffee, orange juice, and soda. Produce is sourced locally, as in, from retailers within a few blocks radius.

I couldn’t go past the signature “famous” egg and bacon roll – scrambled eggs, chives, grilled short bacon, hollandaise, and chilli jam, inside a soft white roll. “Sloppy but worth it” is what the menu states, and I’d have to agree. A fantastic egg and bacon roll. Hot tip, grab a hash brown on the side and stick it inside the roll.

Lauren went for the Bistro Morgan doughnut filled with scrambled eggs and topped with @thatsamorecheese cheese sauce, and candied bacon. Really tasty and not at all as heavy as you might think.

Finally, a serve of buttery, crispy empanadas filled with scrambled eggs, chives, bacon, melted scamorza, served with a hollandaise dip. Quality.

I totally would have tried the peanut butter & jelly French toast if I had the space, but yeah, there was definitely no room left for that. Guess I have to go back again…

Beggs & Acon

24 Chatham Street
Victoria 3181

Telephone: (03) 9098 0550
E-mail: [email protected]

Sat – Sun: 8:00am to 2:00pm

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