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PERTH | Coffee. Be it an espresso based flat white or cappuccino, a filter pour over or cold brew. Australians know and love great coffee. No matter which of Australia’s state capitals you visit, it’s not hard to get a good cup of the good stuff.

Perth is no exception to the rule, and has numerous roasters, cafes, and specialty coffee shops brewing excellent coffee. My list, updated as at early 2023, contains something for everyone looking for the best Perth coffee. I’ve placed them in alphabetical order, and they’re all fantastic. Are any of your favourites listed below? Are there any places that you think should be on the list?

Artem Coffee

Starting life as a pop-up, Artem Coffee found a permanent home in Mount Pleasant in 2019. Owner Darren Ho runs Artem with his partner Tracey Koh. Their house blend is made using beans from Colombian-based cooperative Asprounion, and roasted at Laika in Lathlain. Along with the house blend, there’s a rotating selection of single origin beans from other roasters.

Darren, a chef by trade, is known for his smoked meats as much as he is coffee. All of the food options at Artem are made in house, from scratch. Their doughnuts are famous, as is the weekend-only Rueben sandwich.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters

For some of the best coffee in Subiaco, check out Blacklist Coffee Roasters concept store. The focus here is on high end, specialty single origin coffee beans. There’s espresso and filter based coffee to go, but try and stay in for one of the unique experiences on offer.

The filter brew bar features a rotating list of rare coffees served in wine glasses with detailed tasting notes. You can also opt for their special menu – $12 lets you sample as many beans from that list.


Bossman was run by the same people as roasters Twin Peaks when it first opened. The ownership has changed, but the quality of the coffee is still excellent. Twin Peaks supply the beans, with espresso based coffees the main focus.

Cheerio Coffee

Cheerio Coffee is a tiny coffee window and bakery in West Perth. Housed in the space that was formerly home to Cleaver Street Coffee’s original location, visit for fantastic coffee, made using Five Senses beans, and delicious baked goods.

Felix & Co

Nedlands’ Felix & Co is the place to go if you want one of the widest choices of quality coffee in Perth. They source their beans from the best roasters across Australia, with a focus on seasonal fresh-crop coffee. There’s an extensive offering of various blends and single origins, brewed in a variety of way.

Giant Coffee

Giant Coffee is a tiny cafe hidden in an unassuming spot in Northbridge. It’s owned by highly regarded barista Claire Kim, formerly at Howard’s Groove. Giant’s house blend comes from local roasters Daylight Coffee Roasters, with a rotating selection of single origin beans coming from Twin Peaks.

For something different, try the Viennese coffee, einspanner. 

Grouch & Co

Grouch & Co source their beans from farmers around the world, offering seasonal origin beans and seasonal blends. Beans are roasted in house, with espresso based drinks pulled on custom made Slayer machines.

The list of milks on offer is impressive, as is the considered, quality tea selection. Coffee and tea are served in handmade ceramic cups made by Western Australian based Japanese artists Naomi Sugi.

Howard’s Groove

A joint venture by the folks behind Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters and Smooth Operator, Howard’s Groove is a place you need to check out for the best coffee in Perth. There’s espresso drinks made using shots pulled from the Kees Van Der Westen Spirit espresso machine, and an assortment of filter options. Beans come from Twin Peaks, with guest roasters featuring on the rotating single origin menu.

Humblebee Coffee Roasters

Humblebee Coffee Roasters take their coffee very seriously. To ensure maximum freshness, beans are micro-roasted multiple times a week. Alternative milk and skim milk aren’t available. This is due to the way alternate milks can adversely impact the taste of coffee. It’s only full cream cow’s milk, and coffees only come in two sizes. This is to maintain the optimal milk-to-coffee ratio of your cuppa.


For excellent coffee and brunch, visit NYC inspired cafe Hylin. Beans come from nearby Micrology Coffee Roasters, used in an assortment of bang on espresso and filter based coffee. If you’re hungry, the Rueben bagel is a great choice.

La Veen Coffee

La Veen Coffee‘s original location closed during the pandemic, but never fear. Their new spot, La Veen HQ, has opened up just around the corner in Raine Square. You can expect the same quality coffee that the team have always served up.

A custom 6-group Synesso espresso machine pours espresso drinks, and a range of filter coffee is available. For something a bit different, try the treacle ice-cream iced cappuccino.


This Lathlain coffee spot is from a team that learned their trade at Hylin and Mano e Mano. Laika’s beans are sourced from in-house roasters Timely Coffees. Micro lots and the post harvest processes are given particular focus. The brunch options are great too.

If you’re in Karrinyup, be sure to visit Laika’s recently opened sister cafe, Little Laika.


The team at Lowdown make almost 900 coffees a day. They’re regularly mentioned when someone asks where to find the best Perth coffee. Espresso is the name of the game here. Single origin beans by local roasters Fiori, being used to make quality hot and iced drinks.

Max + Sons

From the team behind Mo Espresso (which is also worth checking out for great coffee), Max + Sons is a fun CBD space with seriously good coffee. Beans are sourced from top roasters across Australia, and regular tasting sessions are held to help customers appreciate the subtleties and differences of each roast. If you’re hungry, Max + Sons sell some of the best bagels and doughnuts in town.

Micro Lote Coffee

Colombian-born coffee expert Mauricio Velasquez opened Micro Lote Coffee in Fremantle after several years working for Asprounion, a direct-trade cooperative of farmers and coffee producers based in southern Colombia.

Micro Lote showcases beans from any number of the 600 or so farmers that form the co-op. Brewed however you like, the coffee at Offshoot is some of the best coffee in Perth.

Micrology Coffee Roasters

Micrology Coffee Roasters owner Dan Nash has a simple mission statement. “To help show off the life and unique flavour profiles of the worlds best coffees, and raise the expectations of Perth coffee drinkers.”

Micrology does this by sourcing the best beans from around the world. they work alongside like-minded growers who are across every detail of the bean to cup coffee process. The passionate staff love talking to customers about the intricacies of each bean on offer, and the coffee making process.

Offshoot Coffee

Perth roasters Offshoot Coffee have a reputation for brewing some of the best Perth coffee. It’s from the team behind the excellent Mary Street Bakery, who bring that same level of focus, quality, and attention to detail to coffee.

Offshoot provides all the beans for all of Mary Street’s locations, which are also worth visiting for quality coffee. Food at Offshoot comes, as you’d expect, from Mary Street Bakery.

Ooh Coffee

Ooh Coffee shares a space with its sibling, fashion label and retail shop Ooh La La. The espresso bar is a great spot for a quality brew if you’re in North Fremantle. Beans come from Proud Mary and Five Senses, and there’s a few baked treats available if you’re hungry.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

One of the best spots for quality coffee in Leederville is Pixel Coffee Brewers. Two of the three owners, Kaya McCarthy and Juliana Nobre, are former Western Australian Barista champions, and it shows. The house blend comes from Five Senses, with other roasters from across Australia guest starring rotating single origin beans. Brunches are a highlight here too.

Sixteen Ounces

Victoria Park cafe Sixteen Ounces is known for quality coffee and delicious brunches. For coffee, it’s a simple choice of the house blend and a rotating single origin at any time. Beans are used for a variety of great espresso and filter-based drinks.

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator opened in 2017 and continues to be one of the best spots for coffee in Perth today. They offer assorted Twin Peaks coffee beans brewed any way you like, alongside a carefully selected rotation of guest coffees.


South Perth specialty coffee spot Sprolo is an excellent choice for some of Perth’s best coffee south of the river. Blacklist Coffee Roasters roast at the rear, and it’s their beans that are used in the coffee at Sprolo. The excellent coffee is brewed any way you like.

Try the Singapore inspired brunch dishes, and grab a jar of the house made kaya along with some beans for home on the way out.

Telegram Coffee

Housed inside the beautiful State Buildings, Telegram Coffee has the coffee to match its setting. Quality beans are ethically sourced from around the world, and roasted at Modern Coffee, a shared roasting space in East Victoria Park. Particular attention given to explaining what each bean is about to customers.

Have you tried any of these spots for the best Perth coffee? Is your favourite Perth coffee spot on the list?



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