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tomb of cyrus the great

MARVDASHT | In the middle of the Iranian desert in the ancient town of Pasardage, approximately 140km from Shiraz, you will find the Tomb of Cryus II aka Cyrus the Great. Cryus II was the first Iranian monarch to be bestowed the title “The Great” due to his conquering the

barossa valley wineries guide south australia

South Australia’s Barossa Valley wineries are famous around the world for their great wines across a range of styles and for good reason. There’s something for everyone, no matter what style one likes or what price range one is looking to buy in. It’s a beautiful part of the world

reflecting on italy

After recently spending a wonderful month in Italy with my partner, exploring and travelling, there was one question that kept coming to mind. Why do we enjoy this country so much? The answer, we think, is the genuine sense of community, simplicity and respect shown to all who visit. From

where to eat in hong kong food guide

HONG KONG | Coming from a Malaysian family, Chinese food is something that I grew up with and is a cuisine I have always eaten. As you can imagine, on my most recent trip to Hong Kong, which was kindly facilitated and sponsored by Cathay Pacific and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, I was very

cathay pacific lounge experience

One of the chores associated with flying overseas is the hours spent waiting in airports, and one of the benefits of flying in Business/First Class, or being on a higher frequent flyer status tier, is access to airline lounges where you can relax, have something to eat or drink and/or get

cathay pacific flight experience

Cathay Pacific was named, for a record 4th time, World’s Best Airline in the 2014 Skytrax Airline of the Year awards, and has for some time been one of my preferred airlines. As a result, I was very excited when in August 2015 The City Lane was invited to participate in a week-long media

ancient persian wrestling varzesh-e bastany

YAZD | Before the Islamic Republic, before Islam in Iran, there was Varzesh-e-Bastani, the literal translation of which is “ancient sport”. This ancient Persian wrestling in on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and is an aspect of Persian culture that survives to this day, a source

triplet falls the otways

Triplet Falls in Victoria’s Great Otway National Park (The Otways) is a beautiful site that anyone visiting Victoria should make an effort to visit. As a Western Australian I was completely ignorant about the fact that Victoria even had rainforests. I’d heard of the Otways and the Great Ocean Road

Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne is one of Australia’s best road trips as there’s so much to see along the way and it’s very forgiving – you can do it in a few days, or extend it out to a week or two. The only problem with the shorter version

hiroshima today

Hiroshima. Arriving in the city by rail on a day trip out of Osaka I’ll admit that the sum total of my knowledge about the city was that the atomic bomb (“a-bomb”) dropped here in World War II. While I was very interested in the history surrounding this, I also wanted