Delicious BBQ Recipe Ideas

RECIPES | Ever since the American BBQ trend came to Melbourne we’ve been a bit obsessed with smoked meats, and our travels around the world have further cemented the love of this style of cooking. Whenever we have the chance at home, we try to come up with delicious BBQ recipe ideas, drawing inspiration from all over the world, and in particular the USA. Below are some of our favourite BBQ recipes.

Hickory Wood Chip Smoked Pork Belly

delicious bbq recipe ideas

This hickory wood chip smoked pork belly recipe is one of our superstar dishes. Whenever we have people over for a party, this has become the must serve item. It’s smoky, tender and utterly irresistible.

Perfect Charcoal BBQ Chicken

delicious bbq recipe ideas

When it comes to the perfect charcoal BBQ chicken recipe, there are a lot of ideas and techniques around, but we think this is one of the best. With this recipe you are sure to make a juicy chicken with a golden crispy, salty skin.

Smoked BBQ Lamb Leg

delicious bbq recipe ideas

This smoked barbecue lamb leg is brined for 3 days in a selection of herbs and spices then smoked for 3 hours to produce a flavour packed, juicy leg of lamb. Its great served with vegetables or turned into home made wraps.

Smoked Camembert with Fig Chutney

delicious bbq recipe ideas

Our Smoked Camembert with fig chutney recipe is a very easy and tasty dish that will impress your friends every time. We have made this several times, and this delicious, smokey, slightly sweet wheel of gooey cheese is demolished almost before it’s hit the table. It is great as a starter or a dish to graze on over drinks.

Santa Maria Style Tri Tip

santa maria style bbq tri tip recipe

Santa Maria style BBQ tri tip dates back to the mid-19th century when local ranchers would host Spanish-style BBQs for their vaqueros (cowboys). It involves simple dry rub of black pepper, garlic powder, salt and, in our case, espresso grounds.

Tangy Spiced BBQ Pork Ribs

delicious bbq recipe ideas

These Tangy spiced BBQ Pork Ribs are a really simple yet delicious recipe for any BBQ. We use two racks of baby back pork ribs lightly coated in a brown sugar, vinegar spice paste. Smoked with hickory chips they fall off the bone and are absolutely delicious.

Argentinean BBQ Flank

delicious bbq recipe ideas

Argentinean BBQ Flank (vacio) is a flank primal cut of beef, but different than the usual flank you buy in that it hangs beneath the cow’s loin and is cushioned by the cow’s belly, hence the large layer of fat on one side. It’s very popular in Argentina, where’s it’s seasoned simply and cooked on the asado.



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