Eatables, A London Supper Club: Review

LONDON | A little over a year ago, we were lucky enough to get on the invite list for eatables – a pop up dining experience in Haggerston. eatables is like a speakeasy, but for food. All across London, supper clubs are allowing food fixated residents to gather in unique spaces to enjoy an underground dining scene. Most supper clubs involve the host transforming a space, generally their home, into a pop-up restaurant. Our most recent visit to eatables got us up to 7 visits, and each time we’ve been we’ve left completely satisfied and eager for the next event.


Here’s how it works. The selected house mates team up with talented chef and butcher Peter Clements to transform their amazing, spacious loft apartment into a culinary mecca. The décor of the chosen flat is always quirky and chic. For £35.00 per person, 20 to 25 guests are treated to a 5-course, seasonally inspired meal, the menu for which is kept secret until the night. Guests are greeted and looked after by the gracious Emily, while Aaron is the well–honed sommelier and barman. Prior to each event, Aaron works closely with the wine merchant The Sampler to carefully select wines to pair with the meal. The seasonally themed menu is artfully crafted by Peter, who is supported by his lovely partner Holly. Together they make an absolutely dynamic duo in the kitchen.


Each event is unique. The menu takes inspiration from the best of Britain, but often one will find influences of their travels abroad. During our most recent visit to eatables, influences from Peter and Holly’s recent travels to Mexico and Central America were evident.


After a welcome cocktail of white wine, rum, mango and fresh fruit (aptly named it “takes two to mango”) we started on the incredible first course. We were served fantastic pulled pork on spelt garnachas with pickled cabbage and crispy corn. Peter uses top quality meat from his butchers in Greenwich which always makes the meat dishes really top notch. More than a few of those in attendance were talking about the pulled pork long after the meal finished.


Next up was a jersey royal soup with nettles. In tune with the recent trend for all things foraged and local, the nettles were foraged in Haggerston Park adding a hyper-local element to the menu. The soup was slightly less photogenic than some of the other dishes but no less amazing. Alongside the soup, we had home made rye crisps topped with smoked mackerel and new potato crisps. Already with the meal off to a mind blowing start, it was going to be a tough act to follow in the second act. As always, Peter and Holly did not disappoint.

rye crisps

The main course contained some of the most delicious chicken I’ve ever had. The pan seared breast of chicken was served on pea puree with summer vegetables, crispy chicken skin and crunchy pearl barley. One of the most incredible things for me about this whole dining experience is that the eatables crew are able to cater for such a large crowd without the luxury of a commercial grade kitchen. Peter uses a slow cooking method for many of his meat dishes and the team start prepping for the meal days in advance. There is no short changing on presentation. Every dish is carefully plated and served with elegance.


Next up we were treated to two courses of dessert, the first of which was inspired by Peter and Holly’s recent visit to Mexico. Our table was provided ample servings of fresh churros coated with chilli sugar, with soured cream and chili mango dipping sauces on the side.


Everyone was extremely full by this point but could not resist round 2 of dessert – classic British strawberry parfait turned up a notch by being topped with fresh strawberries, shortbread pieces, almond mint brittle, strawberry granita and popping candy.

IMG_1298 (1)

After another eatables event we visited, one of the diners proclaimed “Nearly twenty-four hours later and my tongue still has an erection. Thank you so much. Astoundingly beautiful food, delicious wine and exceptional company.” If that’s not a testimonial I don’t know what is.

All in all our 7th eatables experience was fantastic as always. Every eatables event we’ve attended has featured great combinations of textures and flavours and is an exceptional dining experience that gives the guest a real taste of what’s happening food wise in London. If you like what you see and want to be added to the mailing list for future eatables events, send Peter an e-mail ([email protected]) with your name, sit back and be patient – good things will come your way.



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