LONDON | It’s hard to believe that there was barely a craft brewery in London a decade ago. Today, East London is the epicentre of Craft Beer, with no shortage of breweries making fantastic beer, ranging from traditional English ales to hop heavy US styles and everything else you can

cafe route dalston

LONDON | Dalston may be known for its late-night party vibes and pop-up culture but the ongoing gentrification of the area has allowed their breakfast and brunch scene to flourish. Cafes, bars and even clubs are now feeding the hungover ravers and the die-hard foodies some of the best eggs

ballie ballerson dalston

LONDON | Ballie Ballerson’s concept is simple: Guests get boozy upstairs with some of their crazy cocktails before heading underground to flounder around in a giant ball pit while listening to some good tunes. It’s basic, but effective as tickets for the Dalston-based bar have been booked out for months

east london street art walk

LONDON | London has one of the largest collections of uncommissioned street art in the world, ranging pieces from well known artists like Banksy through to lesser known and new street artists. Street art can be found all over the capital, but East London is the place to visit for

top 20 best coffee london

LONDON | Where is the best coffee in London? Some say that you can’t get a good cup of coffee in London but that’s a lie. I was in London recently thanks to Cathay Pacific and met up with my London team. Between us we roamed the capital and caffeinated

london's best record stores

LONDON | The way we consume music has changed considerably over the past few years. High speed internet and the ability to legally and affordably download or stream almost anything we want to listen to has resulted in many record stores closing down. Bucking this trend away from purchasing music

best london rib challenge 2016

LONDON | Ever since the London Chicken Wing Challenge, The City Lane’s London team have been contemplating our next test. Our next mission, we decided, would be a simple one – to find who serves London’s best ribs.. Doing this on our own would have been tough so we enlisted the same panel from

london's best wine shops

LONDON | There’s a reason that so many people around the world love a nice glass of wine with a meal – it just works and we’re not going lie, we love our wine. There’s a lot of choice in London when it comes to buying wine, so we thought

chick 'n sours berber q kitchen takeover dalston review

LONDON | Chick ‘n Sours Dalston is an East London fried chicken favourite with its “whimsical menu of herb fed fried chicken, next level sides, sour cocktails, local beers & cracking soft serve ice cream creations”. When we got word that they were partaking in a kitchen swap with another

top 10 best london desserts

LONDON | London is a great place for desserts. From the perfect wobble on a custard tart, to rich almond frangipane studded with seasonal fruit, or the glory of a sticky toffee pudding, surrounded by a lake of caramel sauce. Pastry chefs are not often celebrated – but they should