Flash Forward: Activating Melbourne’s Laneways With Art And Music

MELBOURNE | The Flash Forward project is creating a connected network of laneways across Melbourne with their own stories, visuals and acoustic designs, showcasing Melbourne’s creative culture and unlocking the previously hidden potential of some of the city’s lesser-known laneways.

More than 80 creatives have been commissioned to create works in 40 city laneways through lighting, music, and creative installations. There’s murals, music albums, live gigs, and more. It’s a diverse array of new works by established and upcoming local creatives, and it’s all free.

Obviously lockdown has impacted plans for the festival, but due to the dynamic nature of the project, its still been able to progress to an extent. Several large scale murals have gone live throughout the CBD recently, and the first pieces of music have been released. Expect more, along with the commencement of the live performance part of the festival, as lockdown eases.

I’ll be sharing several of the murals with you over on my Instagram account in the coming weeks. With the easing of restrictions roadmap that was released today, hopefully you can get into the city and get involved too.

Check out the Flash Forward website for a full listing and details of artists and events.

Flash Forward

Where: Melbourne CBD, Melbourne VIC 3000
When: Spring/Summer 2021
Cost: Free



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