Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk Brings Melbourne’s City Walls To Life

MELBOURNE | This month sees the return of the poplar Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk to the city. Until 16 July, you’ll find 12 artworks hidden around the “Flinders Quarter” part of town.

Using the Eye Jack app, you can see each of the pieces come to life in 3D by pointing your phone at them. I love the concept, and took a self guided tour to find all of the pieces yesterday.

Each piece has been created by a local artist and isn’t just animated, but also has associated sounds (make sure you’ve got your phones volume turned up), and an associated story. You can also find out more about each artist in the app.

Beyond the artworks themselves, what I also enjoy about the concept is that it encourages exploration and discovery. Even someone like me, who spends hours in the city exploring and taking photos each week, discovered some new heritage building features and businesses doing the art walk.

And as a bonus, if you find all 12 pieces, you can enter the draw to win one of several prizes.

Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk

Where: Melbourne CBD, Melbourne VIC 3000
When: Tuesday 18 May to Friday 16 July 2021.
Cost: Free



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