French Fix, Melbourne CBD

MELBOURNE | It’s impossible to stay on top of all of the hospitality happenings in a city like Melbourne. The list of great sounding places new and old, both hyped and ignored by mainstream media, continue to be added my ever growing list. Yeah I know a lot of places, but it’s still just a fraction of what’s out there in this city and its suburbs.

One such place that slipped under my radar is French Fix. It’s an unassuming café on Queen Street, that I recently popped into to get some photos for What’s On Melbourne.

The small French café is run by owner Murielle, who hails from the South of France, and her son Paul. When I asked Paul how long the café had been around for, his response was ‘seven years’. Seven years of operating in the CBD without fanfare, without media coverage, and through the pandemic and its associated struggles.

There’s a term that’s bandied around, ‘the Broadsheet effect’. Broadsheet’s in the name, but it applies too all media, myself included whenever one of my posts goes viral. The attention leads to an immediate and noticeable up tick in customers, but it’s temporary. After a few weeks, ‘The Broadsheet effect’ wears off. Any help is appreciated of course, but what you really need to thrive as a hospitality business are loyal locals. Those repeat customers who love what you do, and whose names you know. They’re what keeps you going.

French Fix is a perfect example of this. While is was there, there was a constant stream of locals popping for lunch. First name greetings and friendly catch up chats. A real ‘part of the community’ vibe. The offering is simple. A handful of traditional French baguettes. Simple, classic fillings inside a brilliant freshly baked baguette, as good as any you’ll find in France.

Beyond the baguettes, there’s croissants, coffee, and occasional specials. Nothing ground breaking, nothing hype, but a place you should definitely be checking out the next time you’re in the CBD and in the mood for a sandwich.

French Fix

3/221 Queen Street
Victoria 3000

Telephone: 0421 742 113
E-mail: n/a

Mon – Fri: 6:30am to 3:30pm



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