Good Beer Week 2015 Is Here!

The Collective celebrates drinking a lot of beers, and Good Beer Week 2015!

The Brunswick Beer Collective started as a silly-sounding idea, conjured up by three idiots after a long drinking session. As a result it wasn’t a surprise that the first few episodes were a bit rough, but we have somehow made it to 9 episodes over the space of two months and in the process have sampled 18 beers from 16 breweries, spanning 12 styles. We’d like to send out a big thanks to all of our listeners, followers, likers, and posters on social media for your support and feedback over the episodes so far. It’s been a fun journey, and every week is a step towards more coherence.

More importantly though, it is mid-May, which can only mean one thing: Good Beer Week, the booziest, and therefore happiest, week of the year is almost upon us. This year’s program once again is a step up from 2014 with over 250 events taking place at over 180 venues across Victoria. Although Paul will be Iran and as a result not drinking at all, we (the remaining idiots, Jeff and Chris) will be more than making up for his absence and flying the flag for the Collective at the following events:

If anyone out there happens to be at any of these events, please let us know and do come and say hi, take a selfie, and talk beer with us – we might even buy you one!  If you need further inspiration check out Jeff’s picks from the program here, and here (hosted by our parent site, The City Lane).

Have a very merry Good Beer Week!

Jeff, Chris, and Paul (who will be looking on forlornly via social media)

Jeff is an actuarial consultant whose almost 15 years in the financial industry have left him deprived of an outlet for his creative side. This said, Jeff’s day job has given him the opportunity to travel abroad regularly where his typically Malaysian “eat anything and everything” mentality means that he structures both his work and leisure time around proximity to new and interesting eating establishments. Over the course of time Jeff has developed an almost fanatic passion for craft beer, American BBQ and spicy food (his ideal meal involves consuming all three at the same time), all of which he offsets through long distance running which is his preferred method for exploring a new city. Jeff is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, where he is usually engaged in an off-topic extended monologue rather than talking about the beer in hand.


Full Moon Fever, Abbotsford

What To Eat In Hawaii

Snack Man, Fortitude Valley

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