LONDON | It’s hard to believe that there was barely a craft brewery in London a decade ago. Today, East London is the epicentre of Craft Beer, with no shortage of breweries making fantastic beer, ranging from traditional English ales to hop heavy US styles and everything else you can

PODCAST | In this noisy season-closer, we venture to Melbourne’s inner-Brunswick and to Foreigner Brewing Company, a brand-new Czech-influenced brewery that is crafting a different route through the craft-brewing scene. Amid the chaos of the working brewery running beneath the microphone, Chris, Paul and guest-host Leon talk with Peter, one

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NEW BUFFALO | Chicagoans may not realize that just around the lake is the fifth largest wine-producing state in the country, Michigan. Southwest Michigan has become a popular weekend destination from Chicago for wine and beer lovers. We visited late last year and were impressed with the rolling landscape and

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LAS VEGAS | Las Vegas isn’t the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about American beers, and indeed there aren’t too many breweries in the city. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t good places to find craft beer in Las Vegas. Dotted amongst the bars full of

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PODCAST | In this action-packed episode, we visit Mountain Goat Brewery where we speak with General Manager, Mick Bentley. It’s a tale of rags to undisclosed riches, and features staggering secret stories, historically hidden horses, and furtive forklift folly. And in one of our best mixed metaphors ever, we talk

PODCAST | In this rambling episode, we visit the BrewCult Bar in Brunswick where we sample two very special beers, none of which were made by BrewCult; discuss a bar/brewery that could be best described as mythical, or at least it was to us; and talk a disturbingly high level

PODCAST | In this remarkably normal episode, Chris talks about the launch of Bodriggy Brewing Co’s Bruno Bitter and about bitter beers in general; Paul regales his craft beer adventures through Japan including discovering some fine beers at a railway station; and Jeff reveals how he made the best of

PODCAST | In this windswept episode, we drink through four states of the central part of the United States, sampling the finest beers that could be packed into a friend’s suitcase, and all while enjoying the comfort of an oversized balcony in Brunswick East, Melbourne. We also discuss our own

PODCAST | In this struggle-filled episode, Jeff, Chris, and guest-host Michael, are joined by select members of Old Wives Ales as we all face our fears and drink the fabled Ghost Chili Porter. It’s a journey through space, time, and eventually, our stomachs, as we talk our chili survival stories

PODCAST | In this special two-part collaboration episode with fellow podcasting idiots Not Two Bright (although we don’t know when part two will see appear), Chris and almost-guest-host Ben speak with James from, you guessed it, the fabled Bright Brewery. It’s an episode filled with digressions, distributions, and indiscretions, and