Huxtaburger, Melbourne CBD

After what seems like forever since the announcement back in September 2012, Huxtaburger CBD (or Huxtaburger II) opened in Melbourne’s CBD over the weekend.  It’s located in the newly renovated Fulham Place, just off Little Collins Street.

Compared to the original Huxtaburger Collingwood, the fit-out of Huxtaburger CBD is slightly more spacious, darker and slicker.  This matches the CBD location.  Another big difference is that instead of hipsters queuing up for their burger fix, it’s all suits in the CBD.

Huxtaburger CBD (Huxtaburger II) Melbourne

The menu is almost exactly the same as Huxtaburger Collingwood, and priced the same as well.  Burgers are named after characters from the Cosby Show, and range in price from $8.50 – $11.50.  Crinkle Cut Chips come in at $2.50 for a small or $3.00 for a large, and are available as normal or chipotle.  Beer and soft drinks are available to drink.

The one variation from Huxtaaburger Collingwood is the addition in Huxtaburger CBD of “The Vanessa” – A Breakfast Burger containing Yarra Valley egg, Crispy Istra bacon, cheese, bbq sauce & Bloody Mary mayo.

“Huxtaburger” Beef pattie, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce, pickles ($8.50) + Small Fries ($2.50)

The American style burgers are, as to be expected excellent.  Fresh, local ingredients, sandwiched between a buttered and toasted on the inside soft home made brioche bun provide burger that really hits the spot.  If you’ve been to Huxtaburger Collingwood, you know exactly what to expect.

The fries are not the best I’ve ever had, but are more than acceptable as an side.  All of the tables had bottles of ketchup on them.

Huxtaburger CBD (Huxtaburger II) Melbourne

Service was friendly, fast an efficient.  Between the inside and outside, there was a constant stream of customers ordering and waiting, however the volume of people seemed to be dealt with at Huxtaburger CBD a lot better than at Huxtaburger Collingwood.  I only had to wait about 5 minutes before my order was ready.

Huxtaburger CBD (Huxtaburger II) Melbourne

There are also a few tables outside for those who want some fresh air and light.

Huxtaburger CBD (Huxtaburger II) Melbourne

Huxtaburger CBD has long been anticipated, and it delivers exactly what was expected of it.  Quality burgers at a decent price.

Huxtaburger CBD

Fulham Place (Between 333 and 335 Collins Street)
Victoria 3000

Telephone:   (03) 9417 6328
Email:            n/a

Mon – Sat:     10:00am to 10:00PM

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