Jacob’s Creek Comes To The Table

The good people at Jacobs Creek recently offered up their table to us, and being the hospitable people we are, we happily accepted. Did we mention that their dining table had a special guest?

jacob's creek our table novak djokovic

This dinner was a little different from usual. Situated in a deceptively large basement space far below Melbourne’s Cumulus restaurant, this was a little different from the usual fare you would find at home. The tables were larger, the gathering bigger, and the meals well beyond what many of us could piece together. In short, we were in for a treat.

jacob's creek our table novak djokovic

jacob's creek our table novak djokovic9

jacob's creek our table novak djokovic

Following a little wine tasting, our special guest, tennis great Novak Djokovic made an appearance. As part of his work with the wine maker, he shared with us his own experiences in the important dinners in his life. You can see this story below.


We’ll admit, we can’t quite compete with the production values of Novak’s steak tartare experience, but we can more than understand the sentiment. Looking around our own tables, beyond the celebrities (that guy from the Batchelor was there, you know the one) and table decorations, we were all having our own Novak moments. We had the prawns, the kangaroo, the mousse, but like Novak, it was never about the meal.

jacob's creek our table novak djokovic

Here at the City Lane, we like wine, we drink a lot of it. You might even say we’re good at it. And if you were going to drink wine, Jacobs Creek would likely be an excellent choice. But it’s nothing without a dinner table and good people around it.

So find your people and have your moment. We can’t guarantee a life-changing Novak-like moment, but you will likely be happier, or at least more nourished and inebriated for it.

jacob's creek our table novak djokovic3



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