innocent bystander healesville

MELBOURNE | Wine doesn’t have to be drunk in a French countryside alongside aged Gouda and a string quartet to be best enjoyed. In fact, it tastes phenomenal, if not even more complex, when drunk from a tap inside of an industrial warehouse in the Yarra Valley. No need to

middle park hotel craggy range winery

MELBOURNE | The City Lane was recently invited to attend a food and wine pairing event, hosted at Middle Park Hotel and featuring a range of 11 different wines from New Zealand boutique winery, Craggy Range. To pair with the wines, Head Chef of Middle Park Hotel, Sam Hiroki, took

plumm ticket to taste project 49

MELBOURNE | You know how wine snobs always talk about how important it is to have the right glass for the right wine? Well it turns out that it’s not just pretentious BS, and that there really is something to it. We were recently invited to a Plumm “Ticket To

chrishon lampley love cork screw

CHICAGO | We were lucky enough to meet Chrishon Lampley at a wine tasting event recently. Her passion for wine and supporting young entrepreneurs lead us to want to know more about her and the journey of her brand Love Cork Screw. Chrishon is one of the few African-American women

greenbush brewing company sawyer

NEW BUFFALO | Chicagoans may not realize that just around the lake is the fifth largest wine-producing state in the country, Michigan. Southwest Michigan has become a popular weekend destination from Chicago for wine and beer lovers. We visited late last year and were impressed with the rolling landscape and

tabor hill winery buchanan

BUCHANAN | Tabor Hill has a slogan that we agree with “Drink Wine. Laugh Often. Live Long.” Don’t be fooled by the rather unfashionable labels that grace each bottle of wine – Tabor Hill have won several local, regional, and national awards for their wines. When we visited, we enjoyed

round barn winery distillery and brewery baroda

BARODA | Round Barn Winery, Distillery & Brewery (yes they do all three) is located amongst a beautiful countryside backdrop and features an Amish built tasting room, relocated from Indiana’s Amish Country to the winery, as a highlight. Approaching the winery, the Round Barn is the first sight to capture

lichtenberger gonzalez

BREITENBRUNN | Are you looking to visit a lesser known wine region? Consider a visit to the Austrian wine region. Our interest in the region was piqued after trying Blaufrankisch, an Austrian grape variety that’s spicy, rich, and inviting. During a recent trip to the Burgenland we had a chance

biff tannin's brunswick

MELBOURNE | Biff Tannin’s opened recently without much fanfare. No press releases, no blogger events, no social media saturation – just a quiet opening in the first week of January down a side street off Sydney Road. Things don’t say secret for long in this town though and through word

chicago best wine shops

CHICAGO | People are always asking us what we think are Chicago’s best wine shops, and with the holiday season just around the corner, we thought it was time we shared our thoughts on the best places to buy wine in Chicago. Whether its new world or old, local or