Khao Soi – カオ•ソーイ, Melbourne CBD

MELBOURNE | The explosion of quality Thai restaurants opening up in Melbourne’s CBD shows no sign of abating, with Khao Soi – カオ•ソーイ one of the newest additions to the scene. It’s the second location of the popular Sydney restaurant of the same name, specialising in the dish that’s the restaurant’s namesake, and other Northern Thai dishes. I recently visited for What’s On Melbourne.

Khao soi, the dish, is popular in Northern Thailand and Laos, but the versions in both countries are quite different. The Thai version is features a medium consistency curry broth/sauce, in a bowl filled with deep-fried crispy egg noodles, boiled egg noodles, pickled mustard greens, shallots, lime, fried ground chillies, and meat.

At Khao Soi the restaurant, you order the classic version with either slow cooked chicken, beef shank and tendon, or a tofu and veggies. There’s also special versions which pair khao soi sauce with things like tonkatsu, grilled chicken, and grilled seafood. The grilled chicken and grilled seafood options are two of the most popular items on the menu, and both are delicious.

Another popular dish is the khanom jeen nam ngeo. It’s an exciting bowl of rice vermicelli with Northern Thai curry sauce, blood jelly pork ribs, pork mince and cherry tomato. Served with pork crackling and pickled mustard greens. There’s also a street food snack section, inspired by the late night haunts of Chiang Mai. It’s things like deep fried garlic pork, sai aua (Northern Thai sausage), and spicy nam prik khao soi (noom).

If you’re thirsty, there’s classic Thai drinks, along with Thai inspired mocktails, juices, and tea.

Khao Soi – カオ•ソーイ

107 Little Bourke Street
Victoria 3000

Telephone: (03) 9008 4058
E-mail: n/a

Mon – Sun: 11:30am to 3:00pm, 5:00pm to 10:00pm



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