The Melbourne Craft Beer Bar Nap List

Those of you who have been listening to the Collective would be aware than on the spectrum of drunks, Jeff sits squarely in the “sleepy drunk” category (unless the beer list is out of date, in which case he swiftly becomes an “angry drunk”). Practices vary across the globe but standard operating procedure in bars in Australia is to immediately eject patrons who are asleep/falling asleep (in contrast, most pubs in London will happily leave a sleeping person alone). Whilst a sleeping person does not usually cause a disturbance or inconvenience, this stance is understandable.

However, often it transpires that one is simply tired rather than overly intoxicated and is in need of a short break before powering on into the night. If you, like Jeff, are prone to such episodes then a list of Melbourne Craft Beer Bars where you will be given a short window to recuperate it is essential – the Brunswick Beer Collective is therefore proud to present the “Nap List”.

1. The Alehouse Project, 98-100 Lygon St, Brunswick East

In brief: The premier craft beer establishment in Melbourne and the second (or arguably the first) living room of and recording studio for the Brunswick Beer Collective. All three of us are regulars and Jeff in particular has paid their hallowed taps a visit on at least a weekly basis since the day they opened in 2012. The couch at the back is long and wide and as a result ideal for those days when you have one too many Russian Imperial Stouts in the first hour.

Best sleeping spot: Red couches in the back area, near the Buck Hunter machine.

2. The Great Northern Hotel, 644 Rathdowne St, Carlton North

In brief: One of the classic old inner-north pubs, the GNH reinvented itself as a craft beer pub a number of years ago. Jeff is a former tap champion at this venue, having imbibed a pot of beer from each tap in a single session in early 2012. The couches in the dining area are particularly low and soft and many a food and/or beer coma has been spent sinking into them.

Best sleeping spot: Couches on the side of the dining area.

3. The Raccoon Club, 145 Plenty Rd, Preston

In brief: Located just south of the “line of demarcation” at Bell Street that defines the northern boundary of the area of Melbourne that is acceptable to visit, the Raccoon Club is a classic locals’ bar. Friendly owners and staff, free pool table and board games and craft beers are the highlights. This is where Jeff started his craft beer odyssey and earned a plaque bearing his name on the bar after a session where he started at opening, fell asleep and then pushed through to past closing after rising from the ashes.

Best sleeping spot: In the corner near the pool table.

4. Eydies, 86 Lygon St, Brunswick East

In brief: A cool little cocktail bar in the Brunswick section of Lygon Street, Eydie’s specialises in cocktails and also has a small but decent craft beer selection. On the occasions where the espresso martini isn’t enough of a pick-me-up, there is an area which is separated from the main bar that is both quiet and comfortable enough to get some kip.

Best sleeping spot: Couches on the other side of the wall just past the bar.



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