Melbourne Street Art Guide

MELBOURNE | Melbourne is known as the street art capital of Australia, and for good reason, with countless murals across town. There’s excellent street art to be found in abundance in the CBD, and many inner city suburbs filled with interesting murals.

The street art scene in Melbourne is diverse, with pieces being created by talented local and international artists. The art draws upon a variety of themes from the social and political, to the historical and fun. Down laneways, on main streets, in full view on large buildings and hidden in unassuming spots, there’s always something interesting to see.

In this Melbourne street art guide, I’ll tell you about some of my favourite suburbs to visit for Melbourne’s best street art.


A great place to find Melbourne street art is in Brunswick, the constantly evolving inner-city suburb whose street art reflects its diversity. The art ranges from pop culture to memes, political commentary, cultural and environmental topics, and more.

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Carlton is known for its brilliant dining scene, but it’s also home to some great street art. I always integrate a bit of a street art walk into my visits to the neighbourhood. Lygon Street itself doesn’t have a lot of street art, but keep an eye out on the side streets as you walk down.

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On the main streets, and commercial, industrial, and residential side streets of Collingwood, there’s an ever changing assortment of murals to discover. It’s one of Melbourne’s best suburbs for street art, with that mix of old and new buildings, and abundance of old warehouses and factories creating the perfect canvas for art.

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Officially Melbourne’s oldest suburb, the historically working class, industrial Fitzroy has transformed into one of Melbourne’s trendiest bohemian neighbourhoods over the past decade. It’s a mixed use, industrial, retail, and entertainment neighbourhood that’s full of great street art.

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The historically working class, immigrant suburb of Footscray has a proud, diverse history, and its street art reflects this. There are distinct residential, retail, and commercial areas, all with their own vibe and art.

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Melbourne CBD

Melbourne’s CBD is home to a wealth of brilliant murals. From small scale artworks to massive multi-storey pieces, it’s one of the most exciting places in the world for fans of street art. It’s a vibrant scene that’s always changing. Some pieces hang around for years, while popular spots like Hosier Lane are in a constant state of rejuvenation.

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Northcote / Thornbury / Preston

There’s not as high a concentration of street art in these three suburbs as some of the other areas on this list, however they’re worth checking out. High Street is the main street which runs through Northcote, Thornbury, and Preston. It’s a continuous, vibrant street full of independent shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and more. Along its entire length, you’ll find an assortment of murals.

Prahran / South Yarra / Windsor

These three suburbs are a great place to find street art south of the Yarra River. It’s mostly concentrated around Chapel Street, and the side streets that run off it. Windsor has the highest concentration of street art in this part of town, owing to its more industrial nature. As you head up Chapel Street, through Prahran and into South Yarra, things become fancier and the amount of street art declines. There are, however, still gems to be found.

St Kilda / Balaclava

St Kilda is known for it’s beach and bohemian vibe. With that, comes street art which is influenced by the neighbourhood. In particular, check out Acland Street and the side streets around Inkerman and Chapel Streets. If you head up towards Balaclava, there’s also some great murals around Balaclava Train Station.

Identified artists featured in the image gallery include:

Happy discoveries on your street art walk through Melbourne. What are your favourites places for street art in Melbourne? Are there any street art neighbourhoods beyond these hotspots that you love?



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