Fitzroy Street Art Guide, Melbourne

MELBOURNE | Melbourne is one of the world’s best cities to visit for lovers of street art, and the inner city suburb of Fitzroy is one of the best parts of town in which to find it. Officially Melbourne’s oldest suburb, the historically working class, industrial area has transformed into one of Melbourne’s trendiest bohemian neighbourhoods over the past decade. It’s home to an ever changing array of street art.

Whenever I’m heading to Fitzroy for (usually) something to eat or drink, I’m always on the lookout for new pieces of street art, or older pieces I may have not seen before. Of course, seeing old favourites is also great.

In this Fitzroy street art guide, I’ll tell you about some of my favourite spots in which you can find Fitzroy’s best street art. They’re listed alphabetically, and range from the popular and well known, to the more obscure. Do keep in mind that this is just a guide.

There’s good stuff all over the suburb, so feel free to explore when you visit. Also make sure you check out neighbouring suburb Collingwood for more great street art.

Brunswick Street

One of the main streets in Fitzroy, Brunswick Street is home to a whole lot of small and independent food and retail options. It’s a great starting point to explore the area’s street art, with lots of small and large murals on the street itself, and its many side streets.

Chapel Street

Juddy Roller is an award-winning street art network or artists and members of the community who aim to make the world more colourful, vibrant and engaging, through street art. They’re behind some of Victoria’s most famous murals. As you’d expect, the street on which their gallery is located, Chapel Street, is full of fantastic street art.

Here’s where you’ll also find the excellent Bar Liberty, and Drinkwell, if you’re up for a feed and a drink.

Johnston Street

One of my favourite streets for street art in Fitzroy is Johnston Street. It’s a long street, starting as Elgin Street in Carlton, at the University of Melbourne, before becoming Johnston Street and passing through Fitzroy, Collingwood, and Abbotsford.

I highly recommend walking all the way down to the Abbotsford end, as there’s so much great street art here. When you hit the end, check out Dr. Morse for a feed, and grab some craft beer at Range Brewing and Bodriggy Brewing Company.

Napier Street

One of the streets that connects Brunswick Street to Smith Street is Napier Street. It’s home to some of Fitzroy’s best historic architecture, and brilliant historic pub, the Napier Hotel. The blend of old architecture and street art is a feast urban explorers.

Rose Street

The rapidly gentrifying Rose Street is thankfully still home to a lot of great street art. While exploring, head into the Rose Street Artists’ Market for local arts and crafts, and the Fitzroy Mills Market. The latter is housed in a parking lot which has street art inside and out, on both levels. Rose Street is also home of ‘the world’s best croissant’ at Lune Croissanterie.

Smith Street

The border between Fitzroy and Collingwood, Smith Street arguably the beating heart of this part of town. The super convenient number 86 tram route runs along the street, which is filled with small and independent bars, eateries, and retailers. While Smith Street itself doesn’t have as much street art as it used to, it’s the spine from which you can explore the many side streets which are filled with art.

St David Street

If you’re going to take a side street while walking from Brunswick Street to Smith Street, St David Street is highly recommended. It’s home to varied industrial and residential architecture, and a whole lot of walls covered in street art. Pop into the Rainbow Hotel, one of the area’s oldest pubs, for a craft beer and pub meal.

Whitlam Place

This hidden park is notable for its many public artworks. Not just street art, but also plaques, statues, and installations. A 2014 bronze sculpture celebrates the area’s gay and lesbian community.

Identified artists featured in the image gallery include:

Happy discoveries on your walk through Fitzroy using my Fitzroy street art guide. What are your favourites places for street art in Fitzroy? Have you found any other pieces outside of these street art hotspots that you love?



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