S15E04: Beer Styles: The Sprawling Stout



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PODCAST | Is there anything you can’t do with a stout? In this episode we ask this very question, knocking on the door of creative combinations, hilarious ageing techniques, and unexpected taxidermy. But how did it come to this? Is today’s stout just a liquid cake? Is there even a normal stout any more? And if there is, would you even want to drink it? We ask, and somewhat answer, many of these questions.

This episode is part of our season covering the greatest, or sometimes just the most popular, beer styles of the world.

Featured beers: Stubborn Russian (2018) by Bright Brewery and Dirty Bitch by Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Chris is an editor, writer, and occasional novelist who in a former life published online magazines for a living while working out of obscure coffee shops. He has travelled extensively and has eaten and enjoyed exotic delights ranging from instant ‘just add water’ potatoes while on a Russian train to snails and Brie from a tiny Montreal kitchen. Chris is a great lover of the experiences around and associated with food and believes the culture of a venue, as quirky or strange as it might be, is just as important as the food it sells. He is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, a podcast dedicated to the lighter side of craft beer.


Full Moon Fever, Abbotsford

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Snack Man, Fortitude Valley

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