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tsujiri chiyoda



TOKYO | Kyoto-based Saryō Tsujiri have been perfecting the art of matcha, tea, and sweets since 1860, and thankfully visitors to Tokyo can get their fix on the 10th floor of Daimaru Tokyo Station.

There are two parts to Saryō Tsujiri – a retail shop and a cafe. The retail shop sells a range of green tea and matcha, along with tea and matcha making equipment, some sweets and the like. The cafe section is where you can sit down and order a variety of tasty matcha and tea based desserts. The most famous are the matcha, genmaicha and houjicha parfaits, consisting of several different layers like cake pieces, azuki (red bean), gelato, anmitsu (jelly cubes) and mochi (rice cake). The signature matcha parfait is fantastic, but we also love the sakura one, which replaces the aji matcha gelato with sakura gelato.

Unlimited refills of hot genmaicha come free with every order, which is a nice touch as you enjoy your dessert. Try and get a seat by the window if you can – the view of the city over Tokyo station is fantastic. Also be aware that Saryō Tsujiri can get quite busy with lines, so our advice is to visit during non-peak periods on a week day if possible. And do make sure you grab some matcha and genmaicha or houjicha to take home on the way out.

Saryō Tsujiri

Daimaru Department Store 10F
1-9-1 Marunouchi
Tokyo 100-6701

Telephone: 03 3214 3322
E-mail: n/a

Sat – Wed: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Thu – Fri: 10:00am to 9:00pm

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